How do you write a good thesis statement for a research paper?


If there is anything strenuous for a student when completing a research paper, as researching a broad topic as one grapples with a lot of information. However, by establishing the central message of the paper, writing a research paper becomes manageable. So, what is a thesis statement? A thesis statement is the main message that explains the focus of a research paper. A well-laid out thesis statement provides a roadmap by which to organize a research paper. By following the below guidelines, provided by you can understand how to formulate an excellent thesis statement for a research paper.

Conduct research to identify possible research topics

When writing a research paper, your first step is to identify the topic of your research. Go through a research paper assignment and determine what the research assignment requires you to establish. Next, investigate the issue, identify several ideas and select one that responds to the task.

Determine the length of the thesis statement

The length of a thesis statement determines its quality. It can be short or long, depending on the number of points it enumerates. Ensure your thesis statement is one to two sentences of below forty words. Thesis statement examples include; “Excessive consumption of alcohol poses detrimental effects to the health of an individual such as heart ailments, liver diseases and gaining of weight.” “Early childhood education develops a child’s brain by developing comprehension skills, increasing their vocabulary and exposing them to a new world.”

Define your position

Once you understand the goal of your research paper and conduct research, take the topic identified and spot the most prominent idea. Good thesis statements should make assertions that indicate the position of your research discussion. For instance, when discussing “unemployment in the world,” example of thesis statements includes, “Unemployment posses negative effects on the society.”

Make your argument specific

Specificity in a research paper makes a paper organized, focused and easy to write. Too much information makes your discussion irrelevant and disorganized. Ensure your thesis is one complete sentence as opposed to several sentences joined together by conjunctions. Also, make it as specific as possible so that you can refine your discussion into a single understandable idea. For example, “Individuals who spend most of their times working when seated should exercise daily to reduce the risk of obesity and heart diseases.”

Ensure the thesis statement is strong

A thesis statement should do more than enumerating a topic by disclosing what position your discussion will take throughout the paper. Avoid only announcing an issue and instead, make the argument inclined to one side. Avoid simplifying an issue as this makes it impossible to pick a position. Also, provide reasons for the side you take instead of giving factual points that cannot be a foundation of a debate.

Examples of thesis statements include:

“The internet is an essential technological advancement which serves as an avenue of connecting people all over the world and facilitating new friendships.”

“Considering the lifelong health risks kidney donors expose themselves to, they should receive financial compensation.”

Composing a research paper thesis requires one to utilize knowledge, skills, and research on the topic of study. While writing a thesis may seem hard for students, following the above guidelines, assures you of formulating an interesting, focused and effective thesis statement.

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