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8/19 – Exploring the Triple Impact of Evolutionary Co-leadership

Feature Articles / August-November 2015

Alain Gauthier


The purpose of this paper is to explore – from an integral perspective – what it means and what it takes to transcend and include individual leadership in moving toward evolutionary co-leadership, as well as the triple impact it can have – at the individual, group, and societal levels. There are profound shifts occurring across all sectors of society that have many leadership implications about what can be learned from the evolutionary perspective. …

Emerging Concepts and Forms of Integral Leadership: Embodying a Radically New Development Paradigm

Feature Articles / October 2011

Alain Gauthier

My intention in this article is to explore emerging concepts and forms of integral leadership, pursuing how they can be scaled up to bring humanity – across the planet – onto an evolutionary and sustainable course. After offering some fresh distinctions about leadership, the article calls for a shift to a radically innovative development model and points to key qualities and practices of evolutionary leadership. I then share some views on the multiplying effects …

Feature Article: Developing Generative Change Leaders Across Sectors: An Exploration of Integral Approaches

Feature Articles / June 2008

Alain GautierAbstract. This paper summarizes the key findings, interpretations and questions that result from a nine-month exploratory study of the emerging field of ‘generative change agent development’ (GCAD). The study was based on interviews with observers of the field and program directors on five continents, as well as on analyses of websites, articles, and books. It benefits from the extensive experience that the research team gathered in decades of founding and leading diverse leadership networks as …