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Leadership Coaching Tip: A Process for Change

Leadership Coaching Tips / August 2011

A Process for Change

Barbara Alexander

It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. —W. Edwards Deming

Many of us agree with the spirit of Deming’s quote… in order to survive we need to change. It has always been thus. Change is the only constant is a familiar phrase that finds its origins from Herakleitos of Ephesus. A Greek philosopher, Herakleitos was known for the doctrine that change is central to the nature of …

Notes from the Field: Integral Spiritual Experience

Notes from the Field / March 2011

Integral Spiritual Experience

Barbara Alexander

“You know an authentically pleasurable experience by its aftertaste” says my friend Marc Gafni, one of the key architects of Integral Spiritual Experience 2. He and his partners certainly produced an authentically pleasurable experience. More than two months later, the aftertaste, rich and challenging, remains with me.

Integral Spiritual Experience, (ISE 2) was a mega retreat held over New Year’s at the Asilomar Conference Center on California’s magnificent central coast. Three …