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05/31 – Complexity: Identifying and Releasing Unnecessary Complexity in Next Generation Infrastructure Development

Feature Articles / May 2018

Bonnitta Roy

The ability to understand how complexity creeps into infrastructure development processes, enables leaders to identify, anticipate and avoid “solutions” that escalate systemic complexity and thereby increase systemic risk. Systemic risk in infrastructure development has local, regional and global impact that shows up as lack of accountability, skyrocketing costs, political instability, operational fragility, and developmental overshoot. Escalating systemic complexity severely limits our ability to achieve key targets of next generation infrastructure such as sensitivity to …

Feature Article: Leading the 21st Century : The Conception-Aware, Object-Oriented Organization

Feature Articles / August 2011

­­­­(A New View of Organizations & Human Action)

Bonnitta Roy and Jean Trudel

Part I:

Conception Aware The Relevant Situation: The 21st Century’s Double Bind

A decade ago, Stuart Kaufmann (2000) made a bold claim for the 21st century mindset, “The universe and the biosphere keep advancing into a persistent adjacent possible” (p 84).  For most of our human existence, the rate of advance was so slow that the concept of stability, rather …