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8/31 – Brian Van der Horst

Letters to Russ / August-November 2017

Re-imagining Russ
Ten years ago, Russ hunted me down on the internet.  Maybe it was because I had been European Coordinator for Ken Wilber’s  Integral Institute, maybe he just ran across one of my old articles about my “Law of Requisite Contrariety.”  What a charmer! He convinced me to re-write it for the ILR,  author many other gratis pieces,  and later asked me to run a bureau for the review in France.  I was always a

8/15 – Luxury Ecology, Cradle to Cradle, The Cog Lab, Integral Budapest Bash, SOL rising in Paris – Spring is CONFERENCE SEASON IN EUROPE

Notes from the Field / August - November 2014

Brian van der Horst

The world does not sing the praises of Paris in the springtime for naught. For the sphere of integral leadership, it was certainly is the season for international conferences to be jolly at in France– generally listed as the world’s top vacation destination, with more that 32 million people visiting the capital last year.

I’ve attended four unusual conferences in the past two months that demonstrate the wide range of sophistication, currency …

From Paris: Modes of Explanation, “A Discussion Conference”

Notes from the Field / June 2013

Brian Van der Horst

Modes of Explanation, “A Discussion Conference” was held here in Paris—the perfect venue for a post, postmodern gathering of cognitive scientists– on May 21-25.

Some 50 participants from around the world included experts in neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory, theoretical computer science, anthropology, cybernetics, sustainability, complexity, philosophy of science, creativity, art and managing, polyphony (organization studies) and performance studies (culture & organization), perceptual psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, industrial design, …

France—The Integral Year in Review

Notes from the Field / January 2013

Brian Van der Horst
Paris  Bureau Chief

One of the most well-attended integral studies meetings in Paris this year was the “1st International Forum on the Evolution of Consciousness.” Organized by Eric Allodi and a team from Andrew Cohen’s group, EnlightenNext  France. Around 700 participants gathered to hear a combination of European and American limelights such as Steve McIntosh, Andrew  Cohen, Ervin Laszlo, and Edgar Morin from a variety of integral perspectives.

Patrice van Ersel, …

Notes from the Field: Treating Terrorism through De-Radicalization, Integral Financial Woes, and a Field of Notes from France

Notes from the Field / October 2011


Brian Van der Horst

Europa, that cash cow of the occident, is bleating conundrums of continuity, at the time of this writing. Will the European Union survive the financial melt-downs of Greece, Portugal, Italy, and a smattering of middle-eastern nation-states? While Britain smirks with pounds of currency, the Greeks are even thinking of optioning out of the Euro and returning to the Drachma.

In France, the Integral University has even been running programs on Finance, …

Book Review: Spirituality and Business: Exploring Possibilities for a New Management Paradigm

Book Reviews / March 2011

Sharda S. Nandram and Margot Esther Borden, Editors. Spirituality and Business: Exploring Possibilities for a New Management Paradigm. Berlin: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg Publishers, 2010

Brian Van der Horst

Writing about spirituality and business has always seemed to me about as easy as nailing Jello to a wall. However, the editor/authors of this book have done a noble academic job of collecting a wide variety of examples and approaches to facilitating and utilizing personal evolution in the …

Notes From the Field: The French Letter: Integral News, Happenings and Events in France

Notes from the Field / January 2009

Van der HorstSince this is my first report of integral news from France, I’ll make this more of a year’s summary of 2008 happenings. In future postings, I’ll check in with each issue of Integral Leadership Review.

Perhaps the most significant literary event last year was the March publication of Ken Wilber’s The Integral Vision, by the psychology division of Dunod, France’s largest publisher. Before this time, only Brief History (Quebec) and theHolographic Paradigm were available …

Feature Article: Van der Horst’s Integral Law of Requisite Contrariety: Practical Paradoxes to Live By and Other Notes on the Illusion of Failure

Feature Articles / August 2008

Brian van der HorstThinking of going integral? Sure, there’s all this theory, but are you actually, concretely evolving? Are you walking your talk?

You may be entertaining limiting beliefs that form self-imposed, but invisible, unexamined barriers to becoming an integral human being. If you are one of those who still think you are flawed, incomplete, and unsatisfied by your lack of integration, I’ve got news for you. Much of what we consider to be our worst habits, faults, and …