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The 13th Annual International Leadership Association Global Conference, October 2011 in London, England

Notes from the Field / January 2012

David Holzmer

In A Theory of Everything Ken Wilber (2001) makes the point that “catalytic factors from several dimensions need to be present in order for transformation to occur”(p. 33). As Wilber goes on, he makes the point that conditions and/or circumstances from multiple quadrants of the AQAL model need to simultaneously be aligned in order to support movement into a new phase or stage of development. Considering the dynamics of creative tension—such as that described …

Student Paper

Special Articles / June 2010

The Dialogical Journey Towards a
Post-Conventional Resolution of Leadership Praxis

by David Holzmer
Union Institute and University

holzmerDespite the ongoing growth and development of leadership theory–an evolution marked by increasingly nuanced and sophisticated conceptions of leadership practice–there exists, within the deep foundations of leadership’s unfolding narrative, a disquieting tension. It is an ideological divide, arising from a growing disparity, felt by both scholars and practitioners, in which the acuity and elegance of the models and discourse …