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Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / January 2010

Integral Leadership in Action Conference – 2009
by David McCallum

David McCallumFive years ago, back in February/March 2004, I attended the first Integral Leadership seminar that Integral Institute (yes, Institute—it was that long ago) offered. It was full of growth, development, community, exploration and a sense of creating a structure for something that we didn’t want to have end when we said our goodbyes on the final day.

One of the participants in that original course, Dan …

Notes From the Field: Third ILiA Collaborative: Leading from Goodness, Truth, and Beauty

Notes from the Field / October 2008

David McCallumThe third Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) Collaborative, in partnership with Boulder Integral, took place from October 9-12th in Boulder, Colorado. Continuing to explore the line of inquiry first introduced in 2004 at the Integral Leadership Seminar, “What is Integral Leadership in Action?” ILiA 3’s inquiry was flavored by attention to three classic orienting values: Goodness, Truth, and Beauty.

First, here are a few words about my perspective and intention. As someone with an Integral way …