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Feature Article: Emerging Patterns in the Middle East – The Thirty Year Itch for Lebanon and Iran

Feature Articles / October 2009

Elza S. Maalouf

Elza MaaloufMy first year of Law School in Lebanon, was a year to remember. I recall the heated political discussions I had with Shia students and professors alike over many long hours ranging from discussing the merits of Marxism to laws on women’s rights in Lebanon and the role religion plays in law. These same students who I played tennis with would return the following year with the trademark Islamist beard and buttoned-up white …

Notes from the Field: Dr. Beck Designs A United Nations Global Action Plan for Human Emergence & Elza Maalouf presents a Model for Palestine 21

Notes from the Field / August 2007

The following reports was shared by Elza in July 2007. To augment this presentation we talked with Elza in August. A report of this conversation appears below the report.

Don Beck at the United NationsOn June 21st, 2007, Dr. Beck and I spoke at the Values-Caucus at the United Nations to a standing room only conference hall. Representatives of various Arab, African and Western missions, NGOs and UN agencies employees, nodded their heads in agreement with the emphasis that we put …

Feature Article: Palestine Speaks in Colors: Unraveling the Deep Cultural Codes and Designing Integral Solutions.

Feature Articles / March 2007

elza photoUsing his ground breaking experience in South Africa and his practical knowledge in dealing with the different mindsets in cultures, Dr. Don Beck offered a fresh start to the Palestinians and they responded with an overwhelming enthusiasm on our third trip to the region. Many of our contacts told me that Dr. Beck’s work in South Africa with political and community leaders sparked their initial attraction tohis work. Now that they have a deeper grasp of

Feature Article: Field Testing the Integral Model in the Middle East

Feature Articles / June 2006

Abou Nidal, our East Jerusalem Arab driver, is a big sturdy man who promised to take us anywhere in the Palestinian Territories. “These are our people. Safety is not an issue,” he proudly said. Well, not quite…

On May 20th Dr. Don Beck, a geopolitical consultant and co-founder of Spiral Dynamics integral, and I finished a presentation to the various non-governmental agencies (NGOs) in the West Bank and were heading to our next meeting at Fatah …