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Featured Article: Organisations, AQAL, and the Global Context

Feature Articles / March 2011

John M. Bunzl

There has hardly been an epoch in which organisations played a more prominent role than our own. Be they governments, businesses or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), all of them deeply affect our lives and society as a whole. Moreover, at this time of deepening global crisis and change, understanding the systemic ways organisations impact on society and the natural environment is becoming critically important.

From the perspective of Ken Wilber’s integral theory, it is …


Book Reviews / March 2010

Michael Stron’s Be the Solution –
How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists
Can Solve All the World’s Problems

by John Bunzl

be the solution coverAs the title suggests, Be the Solution argues that our planetary crisis can be solved through the flowering of responsible entrepreneurship along with a stakeholder approach to business known as Conscious Capitalism. “Focused entirely on entrepreneurial and Conscious Capitalist solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing humanity,” the flyleaf tells us, “Be the Solution shows how …