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05/31 – Authenticity and Integrity in Evolutionary Leadership: A Mexican Woman’s View from the Field

Feature Articles / May 2018

Kathia Castro Laszlo

For the last 20 years, my work has been focused on developing individual and collective capacities for social change. Systems and complexity thinking have been the theoretical foundation for my work on evolutionary learning communities (Laszlo, 2000) and evolutionary leadership (Laszlo, 2012). In my practice, I began to notice that the ability of a group to actualize their vision was co-related to their level of self-awareness and their commitment to personal and professional …

8/31 – Kathia Laszlo

Letters to Russ / August-November 2017

Dear Russ,

It is an honor to know you and a grace to belong to the wide and yet tight-knit community of integral, holistic, evolutionary thinkers and practitioners who are bringing into being a new consciousness into the planet. I want to thank you for your leadership and clarity of vision. You have been a mentor and guide to me and to so many. I want to thank you for believing in me. You have always …