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Feature Article: It’s Time for the Bottom Line to Get a Little Bigger

Feature Articles / October 2009

Kristoffer E. Nelson

Kristoffer NelsonAs I’ve discussed recently in my blog Integral Business, the future of sustainable, profitable and socially responsible companies rest well beyond what is now commonly referred to as “triple bottom line” organizations. Indeed an evolutionary step, achieving a triple bottom line status is a great challenge that inspires great merit—it’s a huge accomplishment. And, we need more.

There is a lot of talk in the business world, especially the post-modern business world of …

Leadership Coaching Tip: You Are Your Most Important Tool

Leadership Coaching Tips / August 2009

Kristoffer NelsonAs leaders, coaches, and change agents each of us have so much to give and offer. It seems from the desire to give, the fear of not knowing, and the push for a result we can so easily loose ourselves in the process. I’ve certainly found myself so lost in trying to solve someone’s problem or decide what technique to employ I have completely lost touch, becoming removed from myself and the person in front of