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Leadership Coaching Tip: Boomer Leadership’s Tipping Point

Leadership Coaching Tips / June 2007

Lloyd Raines photoAs Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) transition from marketplace leadership roles, they clear the way for new mental models and cultural shifts borne of Gen Xers (born between 1965-1981) and Millennials (born between 1982 and 2000). While “fair process” and “challenging the institutional powers-that-be” were revolutionary breakthroughs in the Boomer heyday—they now drag on the dynamism, energy, and collective intelligence of the differently constructed 20 to 40-something crowd. What once was fought for is now assumed,

Featured Article: Integral Leadership Coaching: A Holistic Meta-Framework and Process

Feature Articles / March 2007

Raines imageNever before have coaches been faced with such a wide-open field of conversations directly relevant to the effectiveness of leaders and the stakeholders they serve. As the business world’s center of gravity moves from a traditional financial focus to one that includes environmental and social stewardship, leadership coaches now are able to scale curiosity and connections between the personal and global levels.

The Leading Edge of Business and the Future of Leadership Coaching

Climate change, more …