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1/18 – Marilyn Hamilton Interviews Lev Gordon

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2016

Marilyn Hamilton

 Marilyn Hamilton: First off … thanks for taking the courage to open a portal in Russia for integrally informed Leadership, where not many people in the west can see the kind of leadership in Russia that is emerging through you and the team that you are gathering around you.

… How do you feel about what has transpired since you returned to Izhevsk from your work in Europe? What has changed since you …

2/15 – From Totem Guides and Lock Masters to World Legacy Light

Leading Comments / January-February 2015

Marilyn Hamilton

With this second wave of the Integral Leadership Review – Canada (ILR – C) issue, I imagine, the Rideau Canal lock system symbolizing the environment where our authors interact with the leaders and leadership insights that they have contributed to this special Canada issue.

In the heart of Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, the Rideau Canal provides year round service and engagement to Canadian citizens and society[i].


Figure 1: Rideau Canal “Rideau Canal Locks” by

1/15 – Integral Coaching Canada with Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2015


Marilyn:  Well, I want to just start our interview with an expression of gratitude. We’re in Canada and this happens to be the week before Thanksgiving. So I thought it would be really speaking from my heart to say thank you very much for taking the courage to open, what I’m calling a “portal” from where new leadership has been emerging. When you started Integral Coaching Canada (ICC), I really think you opened something very …

1/15 – A Totem for Curating a Story of Leadership in Canada

Leading Comments / January-February 2015

Marilyn Hamilton

A Brief View of Curating

Reticence. Modesty. Loyalty. Generosity. These qualities often mark the Canadian character and our propensity to downplay the adventure, excitement, daring, risk and courage that influence how we tell our stories of accomplishment and achievement. But those are not the words that sprung to mind when Russ Volckmann invited me to be Guest Editor of this Canada issue of Integral Leadership Review (ILR-C).

Pattern making. Pattern recognition. Pattern amplification.

Integral City EXPO & eLaboratory

Notes from the Field / October 2012

Grow Leaders ? Grow Habitat; Add Speed Bumps, Surprises and Synchronicities

Marilyn Hamilton

“Make no small plans for they do not have the power to move human’s souls.”

Create a Learning Habitat

In integral circles, when we talk about designing leadership development capacities, some of us have been known to talk about “creating habitats for leadership learning”. What on earth (or heaven?) does a habitat for learning leadership look like? Is it a bootcamp? Is it …

Leadership to the Power of 8: Leading Self, Others, Organization, System and Supra-System

Feature Articles / October 2012

Marilyn Hamilton


This article explores the qualities of leadership to the “Power of 8”. It offers a definition of leadership that can be recalibrated across a spectrum of complexity. It proposes the integral paradigm as a source for framing, measuring, mapping and tracking leadership across four levels of complexity. The article examines evidence from three sets of leaders at three progressively more complex levels of leadership, considering their capacities related to moral influence, space and …

Where are the Women? Saging the Invisible into the Visible

Feature Articles / October 2011

Marilyn Hamilton


This article explores and seeks to answer the question Where are the Women in the Integral movement? The author utilizes the principles of “Five Deep” exploration from Beck and Spiral Dynamics along with Wilber’s AQAL model to explore circumstances that, she proposes, may have produced a mismatch in stage development between women and men. With reference to Baron-Cohen’s notion of “Essential Difference” the author will also offer an evolutionary explanation as to where

Feature Article: How do Integral ARTISTS, Boomers, Gen X and Millennial Generations Impact City Values and Policy Development?

Feature Articles / August 2011

How do Integral ARTISTS, Boomers, Gen X and Millennial Generations Impact City Values and Policy Development?

Marilyn Hamilton and Cherlynn Beck


The generational wave is a supra-wave of human life patterns that embraces many of the waves normally considered in an Integral human development model. Embracing the waves of consciousness, values and capacity development in holons and social holons, the age cohort as defined by Strauss and Howe describes the archetypal characteristics of peers in …