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8/31 – Social Acupuncture: SDG’s & the Future of Humanitarianism, Nexus at the United Nations, 2016

August-November 2016 / Notes from the Field

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk social acupuncture

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

Note to reader: Traditional humanitarianism seeks to alleviate a symptom. Integral humanitarianism views an individual project as a Systemic remedy. Identifying where within the ecological, social, cultural and economic systems one can have the greatest positive impact and what methods should be used is Social Acupuncture. The people’s transformation into conscious cultural creators (people who have become consciously aware of how their choices are creating their current culture, economically, spiritually, …

11/30 – Social Acupuncture: Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk and The Memnosyne Institute

August-November 2015 / Fresh Perspective

M Frenk 1

Memnosyne Co-Founder/President Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

When Russ Volkmann suggested that Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, the co-founder/president of The Memnosyne Institute, be interviewed for ILR, it seemed easy enough. But then, that was before catching her on Facebook revealed that she and her husband, Joshua Raymond Frenk, President of The Club of Budapest Americas and VP of Memnosyne, are often in multiple locations within a few weeks’ time. However, the reasons why simply added to the mystery as …