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10/26 – ILiA 2013

Notes from the Field / August-November 2013

The Online Conference: Co-Emergence: Leading from the Edge of Possibility

Michael McElhenie

For Integral Leadership in Action, our 2013 conference was a grand and periodically terrifying experiment. Our organizing group had prepared for an in-person conference in Santa Cruz, yet economic and logistical considerations influenced us to switch gears to an interactive, online format. With the majority of presenters joining us in the transition, we rapidly organized an online event, which proved, in the end, to …

SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual intelligence by Cindy Wigglesworth

Book Reviews / October 2012

Cindy Wigglesworth. SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual intelligence. New York: Select Books, 2012.

Michael McElhenie

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. If you scour the planet, I am probably the least objective reviewer of Cindy’s incredible, ground breaking book. I have had the great pleasure of knowing Cindy for over ten years, have shared part of Cindy’s journey as she developed the SQ21 concept and was a member of her research …

Notes from the Field: Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) Status Report – May/June 2011

Notes from the Field / June 2011

Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) Status Report – May/June 2011

Michael McElhenie

Integral Leadership in Action is alive and well. We are currently in an exploratory incubation period, which has already generated a number of intriguing ideas that are sure to excite our members and the wider integral community. While we did choose to cancel the Conference Collaborative last year for economic and other reasons, we are fully committed to our mission of “Exploring and Developing …

Feature Article: An Integral Response to HIV/AIDS: The “Leadership for Results” Story

Feature Articles / September 2005

michael McElhenie


The need for leadership development to enhance an effective, coordinated response to HIV/AIDS and related issues has been gathering momentum over the past several years in many developing nations. Throughout the world, HIV/AIDS has rapidly increased the complexity of living within and managing any system, anywhere. The capacity and leadership required to respond to this complexity far exceeds existing levels in all but the most developed countries. To further heighten the challenge, millions die of …