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Epoch of Transformation: Towards a Practice of Interpersonal Leadership: Part 2

Feature Articles / October 2012

Nick Ross

No, my heart is not asleep.
It is awake, wide awake.
Not asleep, not dreaming—
its eyes are opened wide
watching distant signals, listening
on the rim of vast silence

Antonio Machado

Here is my secret. It is very simple.
It is only with the heart that one sees clearly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye

Antoine de St Exupery


In his first paper Nick Ross presented a model of interpersonal …

Epoch of Transformation: An Interpersonal Leadership Model for the 21st Century–Part 1

Feature Articles / January 2012

Nick Ross

”There is nothing in the world that does not have its decisive moment, and the masterpiece of good conduct is to see and seize this moment.” Cardinal de Retz

“Psychology must be gained for it is not given and without psychological education we do not understand ourselves and we suffer”. James Hillman 1926-2011

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank my dear friend Cam Danielson for all his help, guidance and support in bringing this …