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Capital in Love – When Investors Attract Eros and Wealth

Feature Articles / June 2012

Patricia von Papstein

For M.

Abstract: Capital is a great material to work with. It immediately responds to the energy you charge it with. A new league of investment talents now discovers money as a tool for sensual wealth creation. They direct their capital into Eros Impact. Investments with an Eros Impact manifest the satisfaction of emotional, aesthetic and cultural desires in our industrial societies.

The author describes how the investment strategy of Eros Impact

Feature Article: Are You Ready to Play the Integral Way? The Next Evolution of Leadership

Feature Articles / March 2009

For Victoria and Julian


patricia von papsteinAs conscious leaders, we feel responsible for the life quality on this planet. We invent and design products and services that are sustainable and provide deep support, i.e., they are tools for life assistance. We initiate social responsibility projects. We fund creative industries. We invest in water protection, healthcare prevention and e-learning. We support projects for understanding and forgiveness between sexes, generations, political and cultural belief systems. From our individual perspective, …