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Notes from the Field: Mexico from an Economic Miracle to Potential Failed State

Notes from the Field / March 2011

Mexico from an Economic Miracle to Potential Failed State

Roberto Bonilla N.

The problems we confront are not due to our failures, but to our previous success
Don E. Beck, PhD

“We do not deserve this country,” a young businessman said to Dr. Don Beck back in April 2007, when we (Dr. Don Beck, Karina Eichner and I) started the whole country transformational project recently named Orchestrating Mexico. The young and wealthy businessman referred to …

Notes from the Field: Orchestrating a New Meshwork for Mexico: a Natural Designs Approach

Notes from the Field / August 2009

Roberto BonillaSince January 2007 when formally we started the Integral Mexico Project, we focused on identify key leaders both in government and Mexican NGO’s. What we have found in the case of government leaders, is their focus in the next election, rather in the next generation (at least!). On the other hand, the NGO’s leaders are so committed with their mission that find hard to integrate efforts with other NGO’s, leading in both cases—government and NGO’s—to fragmented

Notes from the Field: Integral Mexico Project: Creating a Mexican MeshWork, One Step at a Time

Notes from the Field / August 2008

Roberto BonillaIn 2003 Dr. Don Beck and I were at Los Pinos (the Mexican White House); a couple of friends of mine “opened the doors”. We were in a huge conference room with more than 50 important people who run our country’s destiny every day. Don was telling them how we plant seeds with these (SDi) powerful ideas. He said, as though thinking to himself, “Some of those seeds will germinate and grow in a week, others