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4/1 – Foundation For Integral Self-Management: A ‘Working Hypothesis’

Feature Articles / April- June 2014

Robert Wayne Johnston

In an Integral Leadership Review article I articulated the importance of becoming a proficient integral self-manager as a prerequisite to effective integral leadership (Johnston 2010).  After much reflection about providing readers a theoretical foundation for integral self-management I decided on telling an original allegory (story) which would depict my foundational ‘working hypothesis’ in a narrative probably more interesting to you than a relatively dry academic treatise on my underlying philosophy.

While more cosmological …

Three Assumptions Underlying Integral Leaders’ Choices of Power

Feature Articles / August 2012

Robert Wayne Johnston

It is no mystery we learn, for better or worse, more or less consciously and unconsciously, through our communications with other entities. These include communications with other humans, one’s spirit guide, other animals, our planet, and our cosmos — in every situation we find ourselves “learning in the laboratory of life.” Our inter-entity communications appear based on mainly three sets of alternative assumptions each of us may have about the power of others …