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4/29 – The Society For The Anthropology of Consciousness

Notes from the Field / April- June 2014

34th Annual Conference – From Margins to Center: Bringing Consciousness Forward

Tom Christensen

From Wednesday until late on Saturday, 27-30 March, 2014, at a beautiful, bucolic, and art filled setting in Portland, Oregon a group of 60-80 people gathered to share an inquiry into the nature of human consciousness. Some of these folk have been attending for over 13 years and the ties that bind all the returning participants were almost visible and were extended …

“Game is Over. You are Enlightened.”

Feature Articles / October 2012

Warning: The following narrative is psychoactive. It has been designed to disclose what is already here. If it discloses more than that, the reader is encouraged to ignore the excess. The author takes full responsibility for the consequences of this narrative. Nonetheless the reader will find things different after this reading and who is really responsible won’t be of interest then.

 Tom Christensen

Old Man On The Mountain, what am I to do about this ILR