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Relationship Required – Moving through No-Joy and the Ouch Factor – A Conversation with Mark McCaslin

Fresh Perspective / March 2013

Walker Karraa

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit down with Mark McCaslin and discuss the Potentiating Arts™, integral leadership, and what he sees for the future of the Integral Leadership Review.

Walker: How do you feel about the idea of sharing some of the stories that have been, that you’ve shared with me, and shared with other students about the beginnings of these pivotal moments that formed philosophical focus.

Mark: These are good …

Living Leadership: Integral Dimensions of a Complete Life

Learner Papers / August 2012

Walker Karraa

As integral leadership juxtaposes Western and Eastern leadership philosophies and epistemologies, the contrast can often feel murky, ambiguous to those of us striving to live a life of leadership grounded in appreciation of difference, dare I say diversity. At this cross roads, Eastern philosophies appear more palatable to the West, and theories of leadership born in penultimate diversity—America, are eschewed. As a result of our discomfort with mysticism in the West, and infatuation with …