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11/30 – The Pragmatic Impact on Leaders & Organizations Of Interventions Based in the Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry Approach

August-November 2017 / Feature Articles

William R. Torbert*

Bill Torbert

Bill Torbert

*With deep thanks for the improvements suggested by Aliki Nicolaides, Mary Stacey, Richard Izard, Nancy Wallis, and Elaine Herdman-Barker.

As shown in this review, fifty years of research on real-world practice, guided by the Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI) paradigm of social science and social action, have documented more powerful impacts than any other research and practice approach on leaders’ and organizations’ transformation (Fisher & Torbert, 1995; Taylor, 2017; Torbert, 1976, …

8/31 – Bill Torbert

August-November 2017 / Letters to Russ

Russ was the constant, good-natured background of the integral movement.  Wherever two or three or a hundred people came together around an integral theme, there was Russ recording, interviewing, laughing, appreciating others, asking the apt question, encouraging your writing, helping new work to appear — especially, of course, through the Integral Leadership Review and, more recently Integral Publishers.
I never knew Russ well, but still he seemed like an old friend.  No moment was more ‘Russ’ …