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Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / August 2001

“There is a certain mythology right now in the world that thinks the CEO is a kind of superman.But in fact, this business is so darn complicated, and the decisions are so important, there is no one person alone who is going to be maximally effective in making those decisions. I want my executive committee-the seven or eight top people-to collectively run the company. I don’t shirk the ultimate responsibility as CEO. But I don’t want to make the decisions

Feature Article: The Limited Requirements of Teamwork

Feature Articles / August 2001

The quote from Kevin Sharer, CEO of Amgen, the world’s largest biotech company, serves two purposes in support of the perspective, map and coaching approach I am laying out in these e-journals. First, it underscores the combined individual and collective perspective that is essential to assuring effective executive leadership in today’s business world. Second, it suggests that teamwork at the executive level is of vital importance. I will address each of these in order.

The integral perspective that underlies this …

Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / August 2001

Recognize that leadership is both an individual and a collective phenomenon. Also recognize that defining what this will look like, particularly in the area of teamwork, is something that the CEO and other members of the executive team will need to define. The idea of teamwork has been around for so long and people have so many diverse relationships to it that it is easy for people to treat the idea as though they already have a set of shared

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / August 2001


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Coda / August 2001

The importance of loyalty in leader-follower relationships is not new. However, Frederick F. Reichheld has elaborated this idea in the Harvard Business Review (July-August 2001). He has identified six principles of loyalty that apply to leaders and to companies in general.

As you read these, notice your reactions – thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations – any reactions.

Loyalty’s Six Principles

High loyalty companies, though extremely diverse, have several things in common: exemplary leaders who are committed to engendering and retaining loyalty, …