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Leadership Cartoon: Bill Bates

Leadership Cartoon / August 2007

Bill Bates Cartoon

California Newspaper Publishers Award winner and two-time Pulitzer Prize Nominee Bill Bates produces weekly cartoons for the Carmel Pine Cone and political cartoons for the Monterey County Herald. Five-thousnd of his pen and ink drawings from 133 countries have been published in 28 Cruise Sketchbooks that include 14 Around The World Cruises. His latest book of cartoons, Bates On Bush, will be published this year. For more information he can be be reached at


Challenge the cartoonist! …

Integral for the Masses: Integral Leadership Lessons from the Hogwarts School

Integral for the Masses / August 2007

Keith BellamyIt is two minutes to midnight on Friday 20th July 2007; I am standing in line with about 70,000 other individuals in Diagon Alley awaiting the culmination of the publishing event of the century, maybe of all time. Of course those of you who are up to speed with the antics of the young wizard Harry Potter and his pals know that I am not really standing in Diagon Alley but on Main Street in Naperville, Illinois. But as for

Notes from the Field: Dr. Beck Designs A United Nations Global Action Plan for Human Emergence & Elza Maalouf presents a Model for Palestine 21

Notes from the Field / August 2007

The following reports was shared by Elza in July 2007. To augment this presentation we talked with Elza in August. A report of this conversation appears below the report.

Don Beck at the United NationsOn June 21st, 2007, Dr. Beck and I spoke at the Values-Caucus at the United Nations to a standing room only conference hall. Representatives of various Arab, African and Western missions, NGOs and UN agencies employees, nodded their heads in agreement with the emphasis that we put on the deeper reasons …


Announcements / August 2007

Asociacion Integral Espanola andAelotrans


OCTOBER 20th y 21st
Tibetan House


Program in Spanish

This year: Upper Left Quadrant (ULQ)+ Integral Practice Application: Workshops

The two days Conference will be broadcasted to all the Spanish speaking countries through the Internet.

9,30: OPENING OF THE CONFERENCE: Raquel Torrent. Madrid
Psychiologist, therapist, writer and Professor (Integral/Transpersonal approach).
AELOTRANS Director and President of the AIE.
9,45: Luis Paniagua“Musical Opening for lira and voice”. Almería

Dialogue: Integral Theory into Integral Action: Part 6

Dialogue / August 2007

In the last episode of this dialogue, our conversation turned to process and mediating factors in development. I closed that episode with the following paragraph:

The question I will leave us with for our next installment is this: How can the “Basic Activity Triad” and the “Mediating Holon” help us make sense of all of this. For example, what can we see about the relationship between leader and follower and context? What are the mediating variables? How do these help

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / August 2007

“If we place a value on the development of consciousness, we automatically create a hierarchy: those with a more evolved and inclusive perspective have a greater responsibility to work for the development of the whole. That means that we privileged postmoderns have to take the responsibility of being the elite to push the leading edge further.” ~Elizabeth Debold