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Integral North: The Alchemy of Potential

Column / August 2012

Mark McCaslin

Nature strives towards perfection.
– Aristotle

I originally began this issue’s column with quite a different idea. I had purposed myself to delve into the notion of Integral Leadership as a philosophy over a defined field. A recent conversation with Russ Volckmann was the catalyst for that idea. Then I learned that one of my early potentiators, Stephen R. Covey, had recently died from injuries he had sustained in a biking accident and that topic was put on …

Integral Design Leadership: Personal Introduction

Column / August 2012

Lisa Norton

“Changing, it rests.” -Heraclitus

When Russ Volckmann posted an invitation to write about design thinking for ILR on a LinkedIn forum, I jumped at the chance. In this introduction, I’ve shared some of my background through stories from life and work. As I begin this column I am hoping that my contributions to Integral Leadership Review will provide a means of interpreting design thinking case studies from an integral perspective, profiling the work of some remarkable firms, and …

Leadership Coaching Tip: Sticking with it through a “Gumption Trap”

Leadership Coaching Tips / August 2012

Andy Atwood

Here is a real life tale about being an entrepreneur, a business partner, a naïve person, and the victim of embezzlement. It’s the tale of how a couple of old friends have been moving through one “Gumption Trap” after another.

In 2008, my basketball shooting buddy, Al Heystek, told me that he had significantly improved his free throw shooting by using a little gizmo that he had invented while training in the driveway. Al had been shooting hoops …

Depth Economics: A Review of Tomas Sedlacek, Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street

Book Reviews / August 2012

Tomas Sedlacek, Economics of Good and Evil. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

Graham Mummery

Economics of Good and Evil coverIf, for a moment, we accept the economic consensus view that growth is the solution to the current economic crisis, one “growth area” we might observe is the crop of books and articles about that same crisis. As the great economist John Kenneth Galbraith once quipped: “Economics provides gainful employment for economists.”

The books inevitably differ in their approach. Some like Gillian Tett’s Fools Gold (2010) …

A Review of Barbara Kellerman, The End of Leadership

Book Reviews / August 2012

Kellerman, Barbara. The End of Leadership. (New York: Harper Business). 2012

Richard A. Couto

The End of Leadership“I think it’s the most important leadership book of the past decade.” With that, the editor handed off Barbara Kellerman’s latest book, The End of Leadership for me to review. I was already positively biased towards Kellerman’s work. She has been in the vanguard of leadership scholars since she began writing on the topic. She has pioneered in establishing the field as multidisciplinary[i] and setting …

`Developing Change from Within – in the Development Sector’ with Sara J. Wolcott

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Ali Avery

What might an integral approach to development look like? What could its scope be? The London Integral Circle Salon met last month to hear Sara J. Walcott present her findings from a study that sought to measure the impact of an Indian public-sector Change Management Programme on the values of the people involved. The audience included coaches and trainers, community development workers and ecologists – people concerned with facilitating meaningful shifts for individuals, groups and organisations.

The Brief

Alethic Integral Retreat, 18th – 20th May at Overmoigne, Dorset.

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Tessa Martin

I’m almost reluctant to attempt to write a review of the weekend that 14 “integral” lovers (8 Men, 6 Women) experienced with Gary at a beautiful venue in the Dorset countryside, from 2:00 PM Friday to 4:00 PM Sunday, I’m reluctant, as I don’t think my mind awareness can recall enough or my heart awareness express enough or my physical awareness put in place enough – of what happened!

The Friday afternoon session was bewildering for myself, Gary …

Nelson Mandela and Unitive Leadership

Feature Articles / August 2012

Shawn O’Fallon


Nelson Mandela has become one of the most revered and recognized leaders in history. He is widely recognized for his forgiveness, compassion and humility and their considerable effects on his leadership and the success of anti-apartheid. Yet, surprisingly little deep analysis of Mandela’s leadership exists today.

Analysis of Nelson Mandela’s language and behavior using ego development theory suggests Mandela had reached a stage of unitive development. While Mandela was and is an exceptionally rare unitive leader, it …

Leadership3 – Festival of Perspectives – Living a New Leadership Culture

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Hendryk Obenaus and Jonathan Klodt

How does a contemporary leadership culture look like, that can adequately face the challenges of the 21st century? This question was central to the conference – less theoretical but more as a lived experiment.

Already preceding the conference this new culture in the working style of the core team and the co-creators was lived and explored. In short this means: collectively we create the conference, wisdom is predominant over ego, we decide by consent

Integral Innovation & Creativity

Feature Articles / August 2012

Tom Bruno-Magdich

Most people in business today understand that organisations must embrace change and creativity in order to stay competitive in this ever shifting, global marketplace. The good news is every company that employs human beings has all the resources they need to help them innovate.  It’s their people stupid!

Our experience working with a large number of global companies has shown us that everyone in an organisation has the ability to think creatively about common day-to-day challenges. We have …