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11/27 – Charles Duhigg

Leadership Quote / August-November 2013

Movements don’t emerge because everyone suddenly decides to face the same direction at once. They rely on social patterns that begin as the habits of friendship, grow through the habits of communities (power of weak ties) and are sustained by new habits that change participants’ sense of self.

– Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit

11/27 – Danah Zohar: Quantum Leadership

Fresh Perspective / August-November 2013

Russ Volckmann

In the late 1970s and into the 1990s it seemed that more and more people were being drawn to some study of physics, quantum mechanics, chaos and complexity theories. We were reading The Tao of Physics. This led us to David Bohm (with and without Krishnamurti), Niels Bohr, Heisenberg, Feynman, Glick, Sheldrake and on and on. It seemed that every nuance of these new sciences held promise that we would find new ways of understanding, being and doing

11/27 – Metaphorical Knowing: Creating New Understandings and New Realities

Feature Articles / August-November 2013

Kim Hermanson

Rumi wrote, “Don’t look for me in a human shape.
I am inside your looking. No need
 for form with a love this strong.” To my mind, Rumi’s lines refer to the power that metaphors have on our ability to see the world around us. Metaphors are “inside our looking.” They don’t have a physical form (“don’t look for me in a human shape”) and our most primary metaphorical images come from something that has moved our hearts …

11/27 – Freedom to Learn: The New Meaning of American Dream

Feature Articles / August-November 2013

Alla Ratner

Alla Ratner
Alla Ratner


This article describes the benefits of spiritually empowered practice in business and beyond. Our company provides guidance to entrepreneurial leaders who come from Russia in the hopes of finding their business niche in the United States. We help these emerging Russian-American leaders to incorporate spiritual concepts in their development plans.

We share our journeys of searching for freedom and happiness with clients. Our clients learn by drawing from the experiences of how members of our …

11/27 – Shifting from Knowledge Power to Generative Inquiry: Creating the Field for Transformative Learning in Healthcare and Business

Feature Articles / August-November 2013

Nancy L. Southern, Jorge Taborga, and Mara Zabari


Our work in creating opportunities for transformative learning for individuals and organizations has surfaced a pattern that needs attention and consideration.  That pattern is an over reliance on knowledge power that keeps us focused on acquiring more information, often from experts, planning and strategizing based on that information, and taking action assuming that we have the information and knowledge needed. Learning for the most part is used as an adaptive rather …

11/27 – Building an Integral Culture

Notes from the Field / August-November 2013

Eugene Pustoshkin

I went to sleep and woke up thinking about something Ken Wilber said in the previous day’s talk at the Integral Center (Boulder, Colorado, USA)—an important talk which I recommend all to watch.

At some point in the talk Wilber spoke about the differences between translation and transformation (I partially touched this issue in one of my previous post regarding obstacles to the transpersonal).

In my own words, he spoke that transformation to a new stage of development …

11/27 – Connections: The Invisible Dynamics of Leadership

Emerging Scholars / August-November 2013

Sherill Lambruschini


This article is a review of the literature and serves as a theoretical framework that helps shed light about experiences of interpersonal connections of leaders in the workplace.  Literature from several fields within leadership that influences the area of inquiry related to interpersonal connections and emotions of leaders will be discussed.  In conclusion, a summary of the literature reviewed will be provided and discussion of how a greater depth of research should be performed to fill the …

11/27 – Final Release for This Issue

Leading Comments / August-November 2013

I would like to welcome Sue L. T. McGregor, PhD, as Editor for Transdisciplinarity. Sue has published her own work in this filed in Integral Leadership Review and is co-author with me of Transversity: Transdisciplinary Approaches in Higher Education (Integral Publishers, 2011). She is a Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and is known internationally for her work in consumer economics and related topics. She continues to serve on the Integral Leadership Council for Integral Leadership Review

11/27 – Finding Common Ground between Business Goals and Human Potential

Leadership Coaching Tips / August-November 2013

Kirstin McGuire

Steve’s Story of Disengagement

“You there?” This is the message that awaits my friend Steve via instant messaging every single morning at exactly 8:00am at the office. It’s from his manager, Olivia, who also happens to be the owner of the company where Steve works as a salesperson. Without fail for eight months now, Steve is greeted with two words that he has learned to despise. Two words that make him feel untrusted and disengaged.

From Steve’s point …

10/26 – ILiA 2013

Notes from the Field / August-November 2013

The Online Conference: Co-Emergence: Leading from the Edge of Possibility

Michael McElhenie

For Integral Leadership in Action, our 2013 conference was a grand and periodically terrifying experiment. Our organizing group had prepared for an in-person conference in Santa Cruz, yet economic and logistical considerations influenced us to switch gears to an interactive, online format. With the majority of presenters joining us in the transition, we rapidly organized an online event, which proved, in the end, to be a resounding success.…