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12/21 – 3rd International Taoist Forum – Yingtan, Nov 25/26 2014

Notes from the Field / August - November 2014

Taoism: a gift to the world: Key takeaways from the 3rd International Taoist Forum

Jean-Claude Pierre

On November 25/26 2014, the 3rd international Taoist Forum, held in Longhu mountains, Jiangxi province, China, gathered some 600 participants from 27 countries. After a bit of history about this forum, its aim and a few words about the choice of this holy place and breathtaking surroundings, I will discuss the key themes of this event and share with you some personal …

12/21 – Western Buddhism’s Political Challenge

Leadership Emerging / August - November 2014

In a recent online posting –( – Shawn Van Valkenburgh offers “The dangerous American myth of corporate spirituality: How invocations of “karma” and Zen are being used to justify deeply unequal systems of power,” (accessed 10/27/14). There he wonders about the spiritual materialism of adoptions of Buddhist meditation and philosophy (note The Secret). He sites examples of how this religious approach leads to ignoring the implications of institutional corruption and issues like climate change and the growing economic inequality in …

12/21 – SDi and Solonics with Christopher and Sheila Cooke

Fresh Perspective / August - November 2014

Russ:  When I first heard about you, it was in relation to your work with Spiral Dynamics Integral and Don Beck. Then, you were doing some work in Houston, Texas. You were also working in Omaha, Nebraska. As I look at the work you’ve done – I don’t see anything in Latin America or Antarctica – you’ve been everywhere else in the world. Is that right?

Christopher: Yes, and we have actually worked in Latin America in Columbia and Chile. …

12/21 – Leading Comments

Leading Comments / August - November 2014

Mark McCaslin

Welcome to the final release of the Integral Leadership Review for 2014. In reviewing the year I am totally astounded by the depth and breadth of the contributions made in our quest to discuss and learn about and around this thing we call leadership. If you are a regular reader I would recommend such a reflective journey – to skim back through the year’s offerings in order to gain an integral understanding of our vector and velocity. If …

12/21 – The Emergence of Integral Consciousness in Europe

Notes from the Field / August - November 2014

A first person account of creating the 1st Integral European Conference, May 8-11, 2014 in Budapest

Dennis Wittrock

So it’s over now. We did it. What a blast, what a joy, what an amazing conference experience this has been! What a ride!

Let’s rewind the tape right back to the beginning. Where is the beginning anyway? It seems arbitrary for me to pick up the story at any point since this event felt so much like a culmination of …

12/21 – Re-Visioning the Heroes Journey: A Story of Something Old, Something New

Feature Articles / August - November 2014

Ginger Grant


Whether they admit it or not, our organizations are in trouble and face an uncertain future. The world in which they operate is changing rapidly and fundamentally yet the majority of our current organizational leaders continue to be command-control driven and to operate in much the same way as they have done since taken the helm. Paradoxically, this organizational vulnerability is also occurring at a time when generational diversity has the potential to exert the greatest influence …

12/21 – Developing an Inclusive Perspective for a Diverse College: Inclusion = Diversity + Engagement

Feature Articles / August - November 2014

Cheryl Whitelaw

Abstract: This article describes a project at the NorQuest College Center for Intercultural Education to develop an inclusion model for a post-secondary, two-year college. Inclusion = Diversity + Engagement is a model for action based on the integration of Integral theory, particularly the all quadrants component of the AQAL model by Ken Wilber and the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity by Dr. Milton Bennett. The author views inclusion as a perspectival phenomenon, socially constructed; a culture of inclusion …

12/21 – Polarization, Conversation, and Collective Intelligence

Feature Articles / August - November 2014

Tom Atlee

Polarization is rooted in dichotomous thinking – binary, oppositional, polarized perspectives that have been with us for thousands of years.  The problems and insights presented by dichotomous thinking have been long recognized, along with transpolarizing perspectives that provide us with positive ways to appreciate dichotomy and deal with it and the false choices it often seems to present.

To demonstrate what I mean, here are a half-dozen examples I’ve encountered in my own work:

  • Taoism’s Taijitu (yin-yang) symbol

12/21 – Alethic Living: Connecting to Your Pulse of Freedom Retreat

Notes from the Field / August - November 2014

A Personal Review

Donald Clark

Over the weekend of September 12th to 14th, I attended an Alethic Living retreat run by Gary Hawke. This is the third year I have attend a weekend retreat run by Gary, each year he offers a deeper exploration of how a metatheory that links Wilber, Bhaskar, Laske, and Levinas can help expanded the connection to our pulse of freedom.

For me the thread of Gary’s Alethic Living – Connecting to your Pulse of Freedom …

9/24 – Leading Comments: Mid-Volume Release

Leading Comments / August - November 2014

Welcome to the mid-release of the August – November 2014 Volume of the Integral Leadership Review. We would also wish to welcome Benyamin Lichtenstein, PhD, University of Massachusetts, as our Associate Editor for Complexity. Expect to learn more about Ben in upcoming releases. New in this release you will find:

Fresh Perspective

Nancy Southern and Transformative Learning

Russ Volckmann

Feature Articles

Building Authentic Leadership by Innovating How You Lead

Maureen Metcalf

Integral Foundations for a New Politics

Bruce Schuman…