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Leading Comments

Leading Comments / February 2001


Welcome to Leadership Opportunity, a monthly e-journal about leadership in business and life. This e-journal is about leadership. It is about leadership in business and life. In both cases, leadership is both an individual and collective act. It is written for those who want to strengthen the quality of leadership for their businesses, organizations, clients and in their own lives, careers, and relationships

I hope that other will contribute material to this e-journal. And I will do my best …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / February 2001

“I often say that leadership is deeply personal and inherently collective. That’s a paradox that effective leaders have to embrace.” ~Peter Senge, Shambhala Sun, January 2001

Feature Article: Leadership Resources

Feature Articles / February 2001

As an individual act, leadership is most often seen as heroic in some sense. I describe the models of leadership that prevail in business as heroic, because they treat the leader as the center of their way of thinking with the expectation that the leaders behavior determines the success of any enterprise.

And leadership is heroic. There are situations, moments, events in which heroic leadership crystallizes action on the part of others so that something of value to the leader …

Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / February 2001

A good place to begin when looking at leadership issues in a business organization is the context. Begin that by identifying the forces of change.

  • Is there growing complexity? What kind – technological, market, workforce, competition, other?
  • Is the pace of change shifting: slowing down, speeding up?
  • How is the leader seeing and experiencing change in their business?
  • Is this ongoing, accelerating, slowing down, temporary?

Appreciating the context of leadership is essential in taking further developmental steps.

> Russ Volckmann…