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A Fresh Perspective: Applying a Developmental Approach: A Conversation with Alain Gauthier, June 29, 2002

Fresh Perspective / July 2002

Alain Gauthier has served over the past 36 years a large variety of client organizations in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and the United States. He first worked as an associate of McKinsey & Company in Europe, then as a partner of a Paris-based consulting firm, and is currently Executive Director of Core Leadership Development in Oakland, CA.

Alain has supervised and prefaced the French adaptation of Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline, as well as its two …

Leadership Coaching Tip: Provoking Mental Models

Leadership Coaching Tips / July 2002

By considering assumptions underlying the beliefs and opinions of executive clients, mental models can be evoked. An example of this is the executive who continues to look outside him/herself for an explanation of events that are not satisfying or even frustrating, rather than examining their own beliefs and behaviors. There are several lines of inquiry that might be pursued. One is to ask when the executive behaviors have resulted in achieving what was desired, then comparing current conditions to those


Announcements / July 2002

First Integral Academic Program?

I came across this on the web. Anyone know who is spearheading this? I know that The Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado has been doing integral classes, but this is the first “high level” program, particularly for executives, offered by a major university that I have seen.

Executive Integral Leadership Program
Program Overview

Integral Leadership Defined
Integral Leadership focuses on both multidimensional business conditions and key facets of human growth (cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, physical, moral,


Coda / July 2002

Every now and again something happens that stirs a sense of awe in me. I tend to be stirred at a mundane level, at the level of human connection, action and achievement. While these certainly are infused with spirit, it is the manifest that first inspires awe in me.

That is the feeling I had when I went to at the invitation of Michael D. Ostrolenk (an e-mail sent out to many). There I discovered the Global Integral Research …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / July 2002

“At the moment people are saying, as if they’re bewildered, ‘Why haven’t we got any great leaders? Why haven’t we got another Churchill? Why haven’t we got another Roosevelt or somebody to show us the way?’ Well, it’s simply because nature is telling us it’s projection. The age of leaders has come and gone. Every person must be his or her own leader now. You must remove your projection, and contain the spirit of our time in your own life

Feature Article: Filling in the Blanks: The Developmental Challenge – Integral Leadership, Part 16

Feature Articles / July 2002

Our efforts to describe, define and develop leadership in business and other organizations have pretty much focused on the individual as leader. Only in rare cases has leadership been considered a collective phenomenon as well. Consequently, much of the literature on leadership has resulted in a collection of stories, models and guidelines for individual effectiveness.

To this point, the articles in this series have sought to describe a model of leadership that is integral. The model includes four quadrants (individual …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / July 2002


I am grateful to the more than 440 subscribers to Integral Leadership Review. Your support means that we can move closer to a way of viewing and being in the world that is integrative, generative and supportive of our evolving integrity–learning to align our theory and our action, our values and assumptions with achieving what is important to us. Also, I am grateful to the many kindnesses, suggestions and offers of support we have received.

The mission of this …