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Feature Article: A Tribute to Joseph C. Rost: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century

Feature Articles / July 2005

This short article is offered as a tribute to Joseph Rost. It then seeks to link the emerging notions of integral theory with Rost’s earlier and independent work (1991, 1993), work that has been some of the most influential in shaping higher education’s focus on leadership over the last decade.

The area of integral theory is new to me. After having read a couple of articles and then participating in a recent conference call about integral theory and leadership, I …

Feature Article: West Point, Scenarios and Leadership Development

Feature Articles / July 2005

Russ Volckmann

Since the readership of the Integral Leadership Review constitutes a diverse international group, a few words about this article may be helpful. The United States Military Academy (West Point) is where career officers are educated and trained for the United States Army. In addition to providing military leadership, the graduates of West Point, upon leaving their military service, have entered into formal leader roles in industry, not for profits, government and politics. Some have even attained the position of President …

Letters to Integral Leadership Review

Letters / July 2005

In response to the Integral for the Masses column in the April 2005 issue of Integral Leadership Review:

Being in the process to write an Integrally-informed was a familiar experience, as well as an unpleasant one (to say the least) to read about the quibbles in circles supposedly integrally informed.

Quibbling guys & dolls: please see the stakes and reconsider your SO important perspective-wars. To the extent you care for the ones less well off, you should plaster our …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / July 2005

“CEOs need to focus first on changing themselves before they try to change the rest of the company. The process resembles an archaeological dig, or at least it did for me. As I uncovered and solved one problem, I almost invariably exposed another, deeper problem. As I gained one insight and mastered one situation, another situation arose that required new insight and more learning. As I approached one goal, a new, more important, but more distant goals always began to


Announcements / July 2005

ARINA: Filling A Void in Individual & Social Efforts
Sara Ross

In writing this introduction, I picture us walking along a cyber path toward ARINA’s entrance. I use our brief walk to share why you will find an unusually diverse yet quite coherent set of opportunities when you enter.

I remember, as I grew up, having the belief there was some point on life’s horizon when each person’s growing up and learning would be done. I figured it was probably …

Summary of Rost’s Leadership Development Proposals (1993)

Book Reviews / July 2005

The material that follows suggests some considerations for Integral Leadership development. Some of the ideas are immediately actionable, others may take a while. Rost distinguishes between leader development and leadership development:

Leader development promotes the “Lone Ranger” or “John Wayne” view of leadership, variants on the great man/woman theory of leadership that has regained a lot of popularity in the 1980s. Leadership development promotes a view of leadership that proclaims: “We are all in this together as these changes are

A Fresh Perspective: 21st Century Leadership An Interview with Joseph Rost

Fresh Perspective / July 2005

Russ VolckmannJoseph RostIt seems unusual, on the surface of it, to reach back more than fifteen years for a “Fresh Perspective.” However, I think you will find that the work and the thinking of Joseph Rost fifteen years ago and today are, indeed, fresh! Joseph Rost is a professor emeritus of leadership studies in the School of Education at the University of San Diego. Some of his publications are referred to in the interview.

Q: I would like to begin by talking …

Integral For the Masses: Taster Menu

Integral for the Masses / July 2005

Keith Bellamy

We live in interesting times! I had thought that I was beyond being shocked and surprised at the changes I see taking place all around me. But a headline in the London Evening Standard in April of this year proved that this life still has a trick or two in store for me yet. What, you might ask, was this seminal event that acted to change my perspective on the world yet again? In due deference to any elderly readers …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / July 2005

We are in the fifth year of publication of the Integral Leadership Review. It is increasingly taking the form that I hoped, although I am sure there is still much that can be done to make this a useful document that attracts a wider audience in the fields of consulting, training and coaching, as well as among business and other organizational leaders who have a passion for leadership.

I am grateful to the 1082 subscribers to Integral Leadership Review. Your …

Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / July 2005

When working developmentally with an executive and one goal is to develop capabilities for working with change, innovation, ambiguity and surprise, this will involve attention to leadership. Try scenarios. The executive can participate fully in designing the scenario. For example, scenario questions might be, how would s/he respond if a competitor became more aggressive, if there were a significant change in the market, or if the company bought another business? Capture the executive’s response with text, on tape or video.