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Leadership Coaching Tip

Leadership Coaching Tips / March 2001

“When working with individual or groups of leaders explore the question of leadership resources with them. Help them identify the resources that are important to them. Test their assumptions and beliefs about leadership resources.
“Then have them identify how best to use those resources in relation to leadership purpose and the achievement of business objectives.”

> Russ Volckmann…

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / March 2001

  1. “… Focus your resources… Assess the strengths of your organization and your people … then focus everything on the greatest opportunities.
  2. …Demand results…A leader should make it crystal clear, every day, that results are the single most important factor in judging an individual’s contribution.
  3. …Listen to your heart. Don’t be blinded by big dollar signs. Pay attention to your instincts and common sense.
  4. …Communicate clearly…In my mind, there’s no substitute for face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball contact. Words by themselves are not enough.

Feature Article: Leadership Resources

Feature Articles / March 2001

In the last issue the subject was leadership on purpose. With this issue I continue to unfold some themes about Integral Leadership. This approach builds on the models and theories of Ken Wilber to provide a practical, business-savvy approach to executive leadership.

Leaders need to understand the nature of the resources that they have at their disposal to effectively lead a modern business enterprise faced with turbulence and complexity. We need to understand resources on two levels: the individual leader …


Announcements / March 2001

An Invitation, March 2001

Do you want to understand more about the relationship between the needs of executives and how coaching can support those needs. So do I. Warren Bennis stated in a speech last year that the integral approach to organizations and management is the wave of the future. This is the direction the most exciting research, new methods, and action will be going.

You are invited to join with me in a 3-month (approximately) R&D process to explore …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / March 2001


Each issue includes a summary of a publication related to leadership.

Bronwyn Fryer, “Leading Through Rough Times: An Interview with Novell’s Eric Schmidt,” Harvard Business Review, May 2001.

Novell is like many other high tech companies who have been experiencing the roller coaster ride of business in this new millennium. In this interview Eric Schmidt talks about refocusing the company, keeping key talent and how he dealt with the culture of fear that he found at Novell.

Changing a …