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Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / March 2006

Leadership in a postmodern world can come from outside one’s immediate group, bottom-up or outside the organization altogether. There are no enduring authorities; hence anyone with a better idea and the courage to promote it can show leadership. Such leadership is an occasional act, not a role to be monopolized. It is also more democratic if only because no one has a monopoly on good ideas. ~Mitch McCrimmon

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / March 2006

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to those who have chosen to provide voluntary contributions to support the publication of the Integral Leadership Review. My goal is to continue to make the work of those contributing to the development of Integral Leadership theory and applications accessible to all. When you choose to join this generous group, please go to our donation page. My request is for $10.00 to help defray our costs.

I would also like to welcome as …

CODA: A foot with Don Beck in the Middle East

Coda / March 2006

Rafael NasserOn November 12, 2004, the day Yasser Arafat was buried in Ramallah, I landed in Ben Gurion airport. Ten days earlier I had watched a team of professional movers disassemble my cozy Manhattan apartment and stuff the contents into 117 cardboard boxes bound to follow me across the Atlantic to my new home, Tel Aviv. After the movers left I stood alone in the bare-walled living room and in the eerie silence I questioned my decision to relocate. Only my

Leadership Coaching Tip: Leading and the Mental Model

Leadership Coaching Tips / March 2006

Your client has a mental model of leading. This includes the very concept of leadership that she holds. It involves what it is to be a leader, what leaders do, relationships with collaborators and followers, the relationship between leading and the strategic directions of the organization, the role of culture in determining leader effectiveness. It also involves personal values, personal intentions, questions of self-identity. In your coaching process, be aware that omitting any of these dimensions in exploring leadership generally

Feature Article: Shades of Leadership: A Case Study in Leading for the Followers

Feature Articles / March 2006

Keith Rice

A few years ago, I was invited to work with Hodgson Sealants Ltd, a Yorkshire-based family firm. They were a leading manufacturer of sealants and Europe’s single biggest supplier of putty. They were beginning to penetrate North Africa and other markets beyond the European continent. For the previous 30-plus years, the company had been run as the personal fiefdom of founder Peter Hodgson. His word was law and he could change the law, even on a day to day basis, …

Feature Article: Developing Leadership Capacity: Searching for the Integral

Feature Articles / March 2006

Leadership involves inspiring people and organizations to develop the capacity to create the futures they desire. This often means leaders are called upon to stimulate significant changes in human systems, which invariably require changes in individual behaviors. For such changes to be sustainable, individuals must examine the meaning that gives rise to their behaviors and the leaders must engage with those meanings inside themselves.

Dozens of scholars and commentators have attempted to define what really lies at the heart of …


Announcements / March 2006

Kripalu Institute for Integrated Leadership in Lennox, MA.

The Institute for Integrated Leadership’s new Semester Intensive is an immersion program specifically designed for 18- to 25-year-olds. Today, more than ever, the world needs the perspective, power, and passion of young adults who can influence change and make a significant, positive impact in our increasingly complex world.

We are looking for 36 extraordinary young adults to kick off our inaugural semester in Fall 2006. We have more than 100 inquiries to …

Summary: Mark Edwards, Another Way of Putting It, My particular take on the four quadrants, holons and suchlike

Book Reviews / March 2006

Edwards wrote this paper to provide a brief, clear guide to key points he makes in an extended presentation also available at Frank Visser’s web site It seems a number of individuals have approached him to explore this work, but not sustained contact. I have to confess that I am probably one of the poor misguided souls who has attempted to engage Mark Edwards in an exploration of his ideas about integral theory and modeling, only to seemingly disappear, not

Integral for the Masses!

Integral for the Masses / March 2006

Keith BellamyIntegral Awareness

Earlier this week I had the honour and the privilege to be sitting in my local Integral Salon listening to one of the Salon members recount a recent experience where she had attempted to introduce Integral Theory to a group of CEOs.  At a weekend retreat, she and her colleagues were trying to help this group of highly motivated, young leaders understand that aspects of the Integral Model could prove to be powerful tools as they grapple with …

Fresh Perspective: Integral Leadership Development: A Conversation with Bert Parlee

Fresh Perspective / March 2006

Bert Parlee

Q: You seem to be involved in so many things – your work with Integral Institute, with Integral Development Associates, with the Stagen Institute, teaching at JFK University, your role with Ken Wilber, leading an integral workshop at Esalen in Big Sur – that there are a number of different approaches we could have to this conversation. Let’s go right to the heart of my interests: What are you doing that is related to Integral Leadership?

A: There’s II, IDA, …