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Leadership Coaching Tip(s)

Leadership Coaching Tips / March 2008

Want to Lead More Successfully?

Five Strategies for Upgrading to Centauric Leadership
Timothy H. Warneka

“Whatever happens to the body also happens to the mind.
The sanity of the body is the sanity of the mind;
the violation of the body is the violation of the mind.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

Lead Your Organization Out of Flatland …

Sabijn DullaartYou want to lead successfully, but are frustrated from looking for leadership strategies that are more than simply flatland approaches disguised in fine


Announcements / March 2008

Integral Leadership in Action 2008 Event is ON!

Save the Dates!!

In partnership with the Boulder Center for Integral Living ( in Boulder,Colorado!

The 3rd Integral Leadership in Action Conference

2008 ILIA Collaborative: Leading from Goodness, Truth, and Beauty


Main Event: Thursday Eve October 9 through Sunday October 12

Featuring Steve McIntosh, author of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution, and Jeff Salzman

Come early for the Thursday,October 9, Mid-day Tutorial and Workshop options!!
Stay for …

First Annual Reader’s Choice Award for Publications on Leadership

Awards / March 2008

About the first of the year, the Integral Leadership Review invited readers to submit their nominations for the best publication on leadership in the year 2007. We received numerous responses. Remarkably and quite a surprise to us, with two exceptions all of the nominations were for one publication. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the publication identified for the First Annual Reader’s Choice Award.

Bill Joiner Leadership Agility, Bill Joiner and Steve Josephs
Bill Joiner and Steve Josephs 
Leadership Agility:
Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change.

Feature Article: Integrative Leadership: Building a Foundation for Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Success

Feature Articles / March 2008

Lillas HatallaWhen you know what Integrative Leadership is all about, and commit to the Integrative Leadership path, you will find that illustrations of it can be found in all parts of your life. It nerve ceases to amaze me how it continues to enrich my life, and helps me learn about myself as a leader—and I would like to share a few stories from my recent life experiences that I believe communicate what Integrative Leadership is. The first story points to

Feature Article: “Level 5 Leadership”: Leadership that Transforms Organizations and Creates Sustainable Results

Feature Articles / March 2008

Maureen Metcalf

Maureen MetcalfWe have been hearing about “Level 5 Leadership” since Jim Collins’ book Good to Great became popular over 5 years ago. This book made the term “Level 5” a common phrase in business circles. While the term is often used, it is not often understood. Even worse, many people believe they understand what it is and may spend energy developing themselves in ways that do not actually produce the results they hope to create. I believe we can …

Fresh Perspectives: Leadership and Integral Consciousness: An Interview with Steve McIntosh

Fresh Perspective / March 2008

Steve McIntosh

Russ VolckmannSteve McIntosh is CEO of Now & Zen, Inc., and author of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution: How the Integral Worldview is Transforming Politics, Culture and Spirituality (Paragon House, 2007).

Russ: Steve, it is a wonderful opportunity to have the chance to talk with you. I’ve read your book and have been impressed by its clarity and its ability to integrate a variety of streams of thinking from philosophy and integral theory to developmental theory and the worlds …

Feature Article: Evolutionary Dynamics and Social Systems

Feature Articles / March 2008

Peggy Holman

Tom Atlee

 Peggy Holman and Tom Atlee

A small but rapidly-growing number of people are taking the viewpoint that humanity has the potential to become “conscious evolution”. They believe that we are evolution becoming conscious of itself. These people constitute a science-based spiritual movement which has so far focused on (a) reframing major religions through the eyes of evolution, (b) learning and teaching evolutionary science and its new spiritual significance, (c) celebrating the Great Story of evolution and humanity’s role in it, …

Leading Comments: Leader, Leader, Who is the Leader?

Leading Comments / March 2008

Russ VolckmannAs people around the world who are interested in the practice, development and theories of leadership, we face a dilemma. Well, maybe more than one. For example, how does it feel to be a part of a field of understanding with no agreement about what the field is about? Is it about management? Is it about something that is different from management? Is it about service? Is it about charisma? Is it about transformative change? Is it about leaders and

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / March 2008

“Leadership, simply put, raises our consciousness, because we cannot solve the problems and challenges we face with the same thinking that caused them. Leadership isn’t the propagation of our own ideas, constructs and theories, however complex they might be. It is the raising of consciousness—in body, mind and spirit—in self, culture and society.
“Leadership involves the ability to see beyond the tip of our own nose; see beyond the apparent; beyond our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Leading involves awareness

Dialogue: Integral Theory into Integral Action: Part 9

Dialogue / March 2008

In Part 8 of this dialogue Mark laid out six morphological categories of conceptual lenses. These categories are grouped according to their conceptual shape. The idea is that our explanations are deeply metaphorical and those metaphors can be categorized according to basic visual patterns. This is a kind of vision-logic at its most fundamental level of application. So the six types of lens morphologies are:

  • Holarchical (what)
  • Bipolar (why)
  • Cyclical (how)
  • Relational (when)
  • Standpoint (who)
  • Multimorphic (several questions)

Each of