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2/15 – From Practice to Praxis – as Transformative Education: Leading at the Integral/Professional Interface?

Continuous Learning / January-February 2015

Ian Wight

Engaging the Integral/Professional Interface

I am feeling a yearning for the company of like-minded and like-hearted folks: integral aficionados explicitly valuing their professional identity; evolving professionals explicitly cultivating integral sensibilities. I therefore make this particular offering very much in the spirit of my own integrally-informed sense of Leadership – as Service – for Good, in Love, with a Smile. Might we – together – constitute a field, worth tilling, at the integral/professional interface?

This is a report …

2/15 – Will the Next Buddha be a Sangha? Responding to the Call to Influence the Future of Collaboration

Continuous Learning / January-February 2015

Rebecca Ejo Colwell

For several years my koan has been:  How do we close the gap between the human condition and our human potential?

I first started to grapple with questions around how to catalyze and support collaboration for change while working in community development early in my career in the 1980s, in two Canadian cities, Toronto and Halifax.

I worked with people in communities who desperately wanted a good life for their families; a way out of poverty, unemployment, …

1/15 – Integral Dispositions and Transdisciplinary Knowledge Creation

Continuous Learning / January-February 2015

Sue L. T. McGregor

The world is facing a polycrisis of complex problems – a cacophony of irreversible climate change and ecological imbalance, global pandemics, escalating terrorism, conflict and aggression, unsustainable consumerism, debilitating poverty, reoccurring political and economic crises, worrying population growth and migration, uneven wealth and income distribution, uneven and unsustainable growth and development, insecurity on many levels – the litany goes on.

These are all wicked messes, problems so named because they are not easy to control or …

1/15 – The Long and Winding Road: Leadership and Learning Principles That Transform

Continuous Learning / January-February 2015

 Our Journey as a School of Leadership Studies

Brigitte Harris and Niels Agger-Gupta

The MA Leadership program was the first offering of the newly created Royal Roads University (RRU) in 1996. The program was designed for mid-career professionals with at least five to ten years of leadership experience. Designed on pioneering, paradigm-changing but rigorously referenced experiential adult learning principles[i], this program has been successful from the beginning, consistently attracting up to 200 students annually from across Canada. The two-year program, …