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4/22 – A Critical Review of Pre-Engagement Organizational Consulting Diagnosis Methods

Emerging Scholars / April-June 2017

Todd Hatley


While there’s uncertainty regarding the success rate of organizational change and improvement efforts, many reports show failure rates of 60-70%. Decker and his colleagues (2012) suggest that change and improvement efforts can be improved by appropriately diagnosing what changes are needed and the organization’s readiness to change. My reading in the areas of organizational development, integral theory, and adult constructive development led me to question the completeness of current approaches to pre-engagement organizational diagnosis methods (PEODM). In …

11/27 – Connections: The Invisible Dynamics of Leadership

Emerging Scholars / August-November 2013

Sherill Lambruschini


This article is a review of the literature and serves as a theoretical framework that helps shed light about experiences of interpersonal connections of leaders in the workplace.  Literature from several fields within leadership that influences the area of inquiry related to interpersonal connections and emotions of leaders will be discussed.  In conclusion, a summary of the literature reviewed will be provided and discussion of how a greater depth of research should be performed to fill the …

Student Paper

Emerging Scholars / January 2010

The Nonlinearity of Cultural Tradition:
Baron Carl von Clausewitz, the First Vector of the On War Fractal X
by Jeannie Carlisle Volckmann

Jeannie Carlisle VolckmannFew would disagree that On War by Barron Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), is the most influential book ever written on military philosophy in the Western world. Its popularity has not waned since the nineteenth century, the proof of which is On War remains on the US Army Chief of Staff’s professional reading list to this day. (1) Clausewitz …