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06/29 – Going Slow to Go Fast

June 2019 / Leadership Coaching Tips

Jody Jones

Often when we want to make a change, it is because a pattern of behavior, beliefs and confirmation bias has become entrenched and isn’t working for us any longer, even though in the past it served us rather well. Once the commitment to change is activated, there is a strong push to kill the old pattern and eliminate it from our life. We just want to jump into the new way of being and live happily ever after.…

11/30 – We Recreate Ourselves

November 2018 / Leadership Coaching Tips

One of my favorite things about The Leadership Circle is that it fundamentally supports the idea that we recreate ourselves. The Reactive half of the circle offers us a frame for the things that have happened to us historically and a rooting in the way that has impacted us as humans over the course of our lives since that part of our story integrated itself. And becoming more Creative gives us a supported opportunity to choose which parts of the

11/30 – Insight Guide’s Listening Tips

November 2018 / Leadership Coaching Tips

The other day I was texting with a friend. He spent time with someone we both knew and I asked how it had been. His response “It was interesting. On one level, I like what she says sometimes. And on the other hand, she doesn’t get out of coach mode very easily. So it can feel like you’re being advised when you didn’t ask to be.☺” *wince* I (painfully) knew what he meant having done it enough times myself.

The …

05/31 – Leadership: Why the Body Matters

Leadership Coaching Tips / May 2018

Jon Love

Leadership lives in the body. What I will attempt to lay out in this short piece is the notion that our access to producing the phenomenon recognized as “leadership” is first and foremost an embodied “way of being” that can be developed with practice.

So let’s start with a common understanding of what we mean when we say “leadership.” My definition starts with the idea that there are “leadership moments” in which one person’s words and/or actions are …

4/22 – Don’t make vertical growth your biggest completion project

Leadership Coaching Tips / April-June 2017

Rob McNamara & Lauren Tenney

Adulthood is often marked by the drive toward “completion projects”—those big endeavors that compel us, often in unseen ways, and define the horizon of who we understand ourselves to be. It might be completing a new professional program, getting a degree, landing a new job, or being chosen for a key promotion. When we achieve a big aim like this, there’s a sense of greater wholeness. We’ve finished something that has been challenging us in

8/31 – Teal – Do you see and work on the whole picture?

Leadership Coaching Tips / August-November 2016

Heidi Hornlein

On the IEC 2016 the word TEAL was everywhere – and always in connection with organisations, so mainly with the lower quadrants, especially the lower right. I think, it is very important to discuss these aspects and work on them, but more often than not I have the impression that the upper quadrants, especially the upper left (and its expressions in the upper right) are overlooked, missing, marginalized. We want to CREATE something, we are busy DOING, but

4/28 – Letting Our Differences Have Their Way With Us

Leadership Coaching Tips / April-June 2016

Gabriel Wilson

In my experience, any time we engage in a conversation about our differences with an intention to prove the other side wrong, we’re heading for a dead end. When we take a right-wrong stance to any conversation about difference — whether it’s about race or gender, politics or religion — it reveals that we’re more interested in affirming our positions (and our sense of self tied to those positions) than anything else.

Engaging this way also rests on …

1/18 – A Few Tips for Changing the World (Connect to a Greater Purpose, Facilitate Breakthroughs, Inspire Others to Think Big)

Leadership Coaching Tips / January-February 2016

Lev Gordon

I will say nothing new here, yet it is useful to sometimes repeat something that works, is it not?

On occasions in business or non-for-profit activities we aim to achieve goals that are new and beyond ordinary.

If you grow and evolve, you innovate, right?

And if you innovate, you always look for new ways to do things, right?

And if you want large-scale innovations you work with others. Best, you inspire and lead them to the new …

11/30 – Stop being authentic. Get awkward. Be creative.

Leadership Coaching Tips / August-November 2015

Rob McNamara

Authenticity is often highly valued by our clients and ourselves as coaches. We like feeling authentic. We enjoy discovering our own integrity. And we soak up the power we get when we are being “true to ourselves.”

Authenticity is an intoxicating idea. It’s an even more intoxicating experience. For a self, there’s nothing more alluring than the pursuit of being ourselves, our “real” selves.

While the pursuit of authenticity may be a worthy aim in early adulthood, by

10/9 – Trust the Process

Leadership Coaching Tips / August-November 2015

Winsor Jenkins

In the process of coaching a client, you are not expected to go into the process with answers for the client.  As coach, this means you are not there to perform.  Stay open to learning about your client’s needs and trust the process.

When I went through my coaching training at the Hudson Institute of Coaching, a critical learning was understanding (and developing) “self as coach.”  We are charged with understanding our own “internal landscape” in or order …