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2/15 – Illuminating New Territory at the Bottom of the U

Leading Others / January-February 2015

Olen Gunnlaugson [i]

Engaging conversation directly from essence and source activates essential conditions for leaders to embody a creative perception and transformed way of being.  This article[ii] is written to inspire new possibilities for how existing approaches to collective presencing and conversational leadership are experienced by introducing a process-method of conversation that is activated through source directed realization, embodiment and inquiry.


At some point for presencing practitioners, whether in solitude with nature or during an immersive weekend leadership retreat, …

1/15 – Is True Integral Leadership Possible?

Leading Others / January-February 2015

Linda Shore

 I am thrilled about the potential that exists in a world that finds us moving from green to integral yellow on the Spiral Dynamic map of human growth, where all four burners of the AQAL map of human possibility are fully ignited. Hail to the 4 voices! And while I am integrally jazzed, I wonder – how do we actually DO integral? More specifically, if I came across integral leadership how would I know it, and what would …