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Foundations of a Neo-Integral Transformational Leadership and Organizational Development

Special Articles / January 2013

Marc G. Lucas

This article aims at providing a systematic overview of the concrete forms of appearance of and options for an emergent integral leadership research and related theory construction. First, the integral approach is described by its origin and validity claims. Then – in terms of a multi-theoretical approach – it is made available for academic research. Deliberately, this is not an attempt to deliver one more contribution to integral meta-theory. Perspective and objective are particularly characterized by the

Global Options and Linkages[1]: Towards an Evolutionary Complex Systems Approach to International Development

Special Articles / January 2013

Alexandre (Rico) de Faria

Development takes place as people learn how to change/improve their daily actions/behaviour. Innovation takes place when the new behaviour results from a change in values and beliefs – that is, when change on the ground is not simply a superficial external behaviour but a reflection of an internal change in people’s way of thinking, mind-sets. This leads to sustained change through time and implies a continuous process of change as people’s value systems evolve as they …

Student Paper

Special Articles / June 2010

The Dialogical Journey Towards a
Post-Conventional Resolution of Leadership Praxis

by David Holzmer
Union Institute and University

holzmerDespite the ongoing growth and development of leadership theory–an evolution marked by increasingly nuanced and sophisticated conceptions of leadership practice–there exists, within the deep foundations of leadership’s unfolding narrative, a disquieting tension. It is an ideological divide, arising from a growing disparity, felt by both scholars and practitioners, in which the acuity and elegance of the models and discourse found at the emerging …