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11/30 – Prolegomena to Art’s Transdisciplinarity

November 2018 / Feature Articles

Michael Schwartz

The Project

This paper is prolegomena to art’s transdisciplinarity, a project ontologically motivated through inquiry into the transcendental conditions of art. It opens with the question: “what does the socio-cultural world need to be like for art to have emerged and endured as a human activity and product?” A answer to this question, as retrodictive explanation (proper to critical realist social theory[1]), is that art emerges as response to the tetra-arising matrix of certain …

Living Through Four Eras of Cognitive Development

Feature Articles / August 2012

Otto Laske


In this paper, I outline the graspable existential meaning of human cognitive development. By “existential” I refer not simply to the epistemological positioning of a person to the world as a knower, but the conceptual forces of the social world itself in which this positioning occurs. This world is suffused in language and is the context in which concepts are constantly being created and modified. As a result of this social process, individuals …