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10/9 – Trust the Process

Leadership Coaching Tips / August-November 2015

Winsor Jenkins

In the process of coaching a client, you are not expected to go into the process with answers for the client.  As coach, this means you are not there to perform.  Stay open to learning about your client’s needs and trust the process.

When I went through my coaching training at the Hudson Institute of Coaching, a critical learning was understanding (and developing) “self as coach.”  We are charged with understanding our own “internal …

Transdisciplinary Reflections: The Sound of Surprise

Column / January 2013

On Order, Disorder, Creativity, and Trust

Alfonso Montuori

History is not something ‘back there,’ something we browse through occasionally for purposes of erudition and arcane knowledge of bygone eras: history is in our flesh and bones–and in our minds. Darwin’s great revolution was to show us that we are our history (Bocchi & Ceruti, 2002). The great revolution of complexity and chaos shows us that history is not determined, that it is the contingent co-creation of …