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11/30 – The Truth, the Goodness, and the Beauty: Integral Essence of Russian Philosophy

Feature Articles / August-November 2016

Alexander Malakhov


Translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin

The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and, in many ways, contemporary Russia have been uniquely distinctive spaces, only partially included into other civilizational projects. The collective spirit of these spaces is rarely understood by foreigners and, in fact, not always grasped by the very inhabitants of these territories. Intellectually, spiritually, and in part physically, this is still an undescribed land, terra incognita, which is often seen …

1/18 – Leadership Quotes including Lev Gordon, Vasily Nalimov, Vladimir Solovyov, Ken Wilber and Allan Combs

Leadership Quote / January-February 2016

Lev Gordon

“Giving words to one’s own stance, explicitly outlining and defining one’s position always, by default principles of our human universe, brings forth antagonistic counterreaction. Hidden, implicitly performed action, even if it is large-scale, attracts less attention: It softly enters the world and perpetuates itself as water soaking into fields, while ice stays on the surface. Hidden action uses the soft and powerful force of water-like influence, sometimes interchanging it with forceful and adamant activities.”…