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Integral Leadership Review is a bridging publication that links authors and readers across cultures around the world. It serves leaders, professionals and academics engaged in the practice, development and theory of leadership. It bridges multiple perspectives by drawing on integral, transdisciplinary, complexity and developmental frameworks. These bridges are intended to assist all who read the Integral Leadership Review to develop and implement comprehensive shifts in strategies by providing lessons from experience, insights, and tools all can use in addressing the challenges facing the world. Click the ILR Cover to enter.

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Mark McCaslin on Integral Leadership

Mark McCaslin, Associate Editor for Peer Review, offers a brief introduction to Integral Leadership in this slideshow plus audio lecture. Here is an opportunity to reflect on the practices of leading based on how we understand the concepts of leading, leader and leadership. In addition the subject of what integral leadership purposes is discussed as a set of potentiating social phenomena that moves us toward generative and actionable approaches to leadership.

Volckmann-Gafni Interview (Audio)

RVcharnw copymarcMarc Gafni, author of Radical Kaballah in two volumes, Your Unique Self and many other books, and Russ Volckmann discuss the idea of Unique Self and the challenges and opportunities it provides for working with the development and practice of leadership.

Roy Bhaskar Interviewed at the Integral Theory Conference

At the July 2013 Integral Theory Conference in San Francisco, Giorgio Piacenza met with Roy Bhaskar, well known ontological philosopher of Critical Realism and Keynote Speaker at the Conference. Bhaskar was a founding member of the Centre for Critical Realism and the International Association of Critical Realism. He is currently employed at the Institute of Education in London where he is working on the application of CR to Peace Studies. Piacenza has published in Integral Leadership Review and has maintained a wide-ranging interest that impinges on various aspects of reality, aspects such as the mind-body problem, philosophy, cosmology and physics.

Ken Wilber has responded to criticisms of integral theory from the lens of critical realism.