8/19 – WE-volution

Leading Comments / August-November 2015

Eric Reynolds


Wow! Need I say more? Wow!!

I’m truly honored and humbled to be composing these leading comments, not to mention thrilled to bring you the first release of the August-November 2015 Issue of Integral Leadership Review. What has emerged is a transdisciplinary exploration of WE space. An effervescent field of creative tension infused with evolutionary impulse bubbles up as we meet our collective potential in the composition, orchestration and performance of our individual and cosmic unfolding. The instruments …

8/19 – Enlivening Edge: News from Next-Stage Organizations, online newsletter/website

Notes from the Field / August-November 2015

Alia Aurami

 A nexus for integral, next-stage organizations is born

Since Frederic Laloux published his Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next-Stage of Human Consciousness, with foreword by Ken Wilber, the impact of Integral on businesses and other organizations will never be the same. The author seems to have hit a nerve in the Zeitgeist; the number of readers of the book and of websites referencing it is rapidly growing, as are the number of …

8/19 – Patterns for Navigating the Transition to a World in Energy Descent

Feature Articles / August-November 2015

David MacLeod


This paper considers current concerns about resource depletion (“energy descent”) and the unsustainability of current economic structures, which may indicate we are entering a new era signaled by the end of growth. Using the systems thinking tool of PatternDynamics™, developed by Tim Winton, this paper seeks to integrate multiple natural patterns in order to effectively impact these pressing challenges. Some of the Patterns considered include Energy, Transformity, Power, Pulse, Growth, and the polarities of Expansion/Contraction and Order/Chaos.…

4/1 – Tim Winton’s PatternDynamics

Notes from the Field / April- June 2014

Tim Winton’s PatternDynamics™ Level One Training, Bellingham, Washington, USA, January 26, 2014

Alia Aurami, Laurel Johnson, Amanda Suutari

Alia Aurami’s Review

Note: Most of my text below is close paraphrase or near-quotation, and except as otherwise noted, “I” is Tim. Reflections and comments by this author, and “I” as this author, should be clear in each instance. This author, Alia, is of course fully responsible for any of my inadvertent misrepresentations of what was said. All images used by permission …

1/20 – The Integral Living Room, Boulder, Colorado, USA October 31 – November 3, 2013

Notes from the Field / January-February 2014

Alia Aurami

Leadership on the Bleeding Edge of Humanity’s Evolution

 All event photos courtesy Alyssa Morin, used by permission.[i]

Most challenges for Integrally-oriented leaders stem from working with people/situations primarily at First Tier consciousness. If you’re interested in the following entirely different kinds of leadership challenges, you would have loved the 2013 “Integral Living Room” event (and might love to be involved in the next one, May, 2014.)

Perhaps you’re interested in such challenges as:

  • What does Integral Leadership look

Tim Winton’s Pattern Dynamics™ Workshops in USA and Canada, January/February 2013

Notes from the Field / March 2013

David MacLeod, Trevor Malkinson, Alia Aurami, and Marilyn Hamilton

There was an evening workshop in Bellingham, WA, USA, the evening of January 29, 2013, and a one-day workshop in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on February 2, 2013.

Notes from David MacLeod on the Bellingham Workshop

PatternDynamics ™ is the brainchild of Tim Winton, who developed the concept over a period of 20 years working in sustainability. His background is in Permaculture, Integral Theory, and Natural Systems Design. Working closely with ecologically-designed …

Integral City EXPO & eLaboratory

Notes from the Field / October 2012

Grow Leaders ? Grow Habitat; Add Speed Bumps, Surprises and Synchronicities

Marilyn Hamilton

“Make no small plans for they do not have the power to move human’s souls.”

Create a Learning Habitat

In integral circles, when we talk about designing leadership development capacities, some of us have been known to talk about “creating habitats for leadership learning”. What on earth (or heaven?) does a habitat for learning leadership look like? Is it a bootcamp? Is it an Executive MBA with …

Notes from the Field: Update and Future Regarding Terri O’Fallon’s Research: Her Talk at Seattle, WA, USA, June 14, 2011

Notes from the Field / August 2011

Update and Future Regarding Terri O’Fallon’s Research: Her Talk at Seattle, WA, USA, June 14, 2011

Rev. Alia Zara  Aurami-Sou (Nickname “OM”)

Dr. Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D., (founder, researcher, faculty, and coach at Pacific Integral) gave an update (compared to her last presentation at Integral Theory Conference 2010) on her research, and some glimpses of where she plans to take her research. About 50 people attended, and there was a Question and Answer period. Many of those who attended seem to …