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Albert Klamt

Albert Klamt

Albert Klamt

After working some years in Health Care Albert Klamt studied medicine at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. He did intensive training in martial arts for decades–with two black belts–and left the realm of medicine when he immersed himself deeply into integral approaches and thinking in a wide range and spectrum of views–first and basically the AQAL Framework of Ken Wilber and origins of evolutionary perspectives in Eastern and Western Philosophy.

Originally intending to write a doctoral dissertation in brain research he dropped this study to initiate and develop an integral understanding of human potential and health, consciousness and mind/body relation, which is complex and requires research beyond the mice, rats and cats approach of monological methodology in medicine.

He has practiced meditation and authentic spiritual contemplative disciplines with different teachers for more than 20 years and explored the leading edge of consciousness, culture, politics and business for decades. He has been practicing body based disciplines like Feldenkrais Work, Bioenergetics, Holotropic breathing, Hatha Yoga and Aerobics.

Professional focus:

From 1995 – 2004: Consulting private clients for innovative investments in media, private equity and health care.

2004 -2007: SME Consulting and Investors for entering the market in GCC Region, especially Dubai.

Since 9/11 in 2001 it became obvious that stages of social development in global cultures need integral in depth understanding for large scale systems, which are specifically offered in the approach of Spiral Dynamics Integral . Nation Building and global issues of developed and developing countries, nexus of dynamics in business, poltics, and the culture of human emergence need a special kind of leadership to be shaped. These transformations need a new kind of leadership which isn’t researched very well in academic oribits right now.

He suggests that Leadership in all its facets is evolving so rapidly that future leaders need access to complete new forms of collective intelligence and collaborative innovation in integrated ways, including Comprehensive Digital and F2F Communication and leadership in Real Time.

Currently Albert Klamt is engaged in supporting the founding process of World Class Project for Higher Media Education in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He is focusing on creating strategic global communication, embedded in a clear purpose of developing supreme Media Infrastructure for the whole Middle East with integrity and wisdom. This will lead to the creation of the first institution of higher education devoted solely to digital media studies in the entire Middle East, offering a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in four areas of study: Film and Digital Television, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Animation and Digital New Media Design. It will offer campus options for Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Shanghai, Singapore, South Africa, St Petersburg, Eastern Europe and beyond.

Email: AlbertKlamt@aol.com