Vision and Mission

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The Integral Leadership Review’s vision is to make a substantive difference in creating self-sustaining and generative people, systems and earth through an integrative, developmental and transdisciplinary approach to leadership by serving as an integrating force among leaders, developers, theorists, students, consultants and coaches in all domains and cultures.


The mission of the Integral Leadership Review is to provide a forum for virtually all those exploring leadership practice, development and theory by engaging in integrative approaches to support effective leadership in pursuit of life enhancing and sustainable organizations and social processes. In pursuit of this mission we seek to attract those engaging in leadership roles, executive/business coaches, consultants, leadership development specialists and theorists. It is our mission to provide them with timely information and ideas that will support such leadership.

The content, format and structure of the Integral Leadership Review are guided by the idea of this being a publication that best serves the long term development of transdisciplinary, multi-methodological, developmental and integral leadership practice, development and theory. Wherever possible, all show up in the same documents and issues of the Integral Leadership Review.



The Integral Leadership Review began as a monthly newsletter, published by Russ Volckmann, PhD, to communicate his work related to leader coaching and leadership development. Increasingly it became apparent that there was a mechanism needed to link the growing number of professionals who are interested in how an integral perspective would further their efforts. The Integral Leadership Review became a venue for that to happen.


At six years old, the Integral Leadership Review was upgraded to a new website with a number additional features.

  • First, we formed the the Management Review Board that guides the development of the Integral Leadership Review.
  • Second, we initiated the Integral Leadership Council with members who are major contributors to the field of leadership. There will be more joining us in the months ahead.
  • Third, we have made it possible for readers to search all issues of the Integral Leadership Review to find authors and content of interest to them.
  • Fourth, in an effort to make the publication more interactive, we began providing the means for readers to post responses immediately following articles and interviews.
  • Finally, we formed Friends of the Integral Leadership Review, for our supporters and sponsors who help us assure that readers everywhere, regardless of financial means, can access the important ideas and tools found in the Integral Leadership Review.


Under Russ Volckmann and Brett Thomas’ leadership, the Integral Leadership Review took another big step toward its vision with a complete website overhaul designed to leverage Web 2.o and social media potential (launched Jan. 1, 2011). This coincides the expansion of ILR’s parent company Integral Publishers, which in addition to this publication also publishes integrally informed books and other media.

In pursuit of our mission we seek to assure that:

The Integral Leadership Review functions as an effective “bridging publication”. Our intention is to stimulate ideas and practice related to Integral Leadership while promoting the distribution of these and the learning gained from them as broadly as possible so that they can influence:

  1. The design, implementation and evaluation of leadership components of development projects in all sectors on all continents.
  2. The design, implementation and evaluation of Integral Leadership development programs in all sectors on all continents.
  3. The development of academic theory and research to elaborate, refine and test integral approaches to leadership in all sectors on all continents.

Access to the materials in the Integral Leadership Review shall remain free of charges and open to all who are interested and may be used by them to contribute to the development of the life enhancing generativity of the world and its populations. Funding of this publication will be provided by individuals and institutions that share a commitment to the widest dissemination of the ideas presented in the Integral Leadership Review as is feasible, as well as through the sales of supporting materials based on publications in the Integral Leadership Review.