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4/28 – Bradbury and Torbert. Eros/Power – Love in the Spirit of Inquiry

Book Reviews / April-June 2016

Joseph Friedman

41LjIikicLL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Eros/Power is a wonderfully brave and highly readable book. Brave because, although both Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert are acclaimed scholars, they have stepped from behind the safety of footnotes to write in a deeply personal manner,of eros (love, life energy, sensuality and sexuality) and power ( energy applied for effect, both unilateral and mutually exercised), using chapters from their own lives to illustrate and amplify their inquiry. The authors refer to Eros as the “integrating (if supremely …

4/28 – Carole and David Schwinn.The Transformative Workplace: Growing People, Purpose, Prosperity, and Peace

Book Reviews / April-June 2016

Nancy Southern

Schwinn transformative workplaceWe all are keenly aware of the importance of workplaces in shaping people, culture, and society. Our workplaces can create the conditions to support people in finding meaning in their life and work, engaging with others in ways that create new patterns of behavior that extend to cultural change within organizations and ultimately impact the evolution of societies toward greater sustainability, peace, and fulfillment.

The guiding belief held by Carole and David Schwinn is that “a commitment to …

4/28 – Sudbrink. Leading with GRIT – Inspiring Action and Accountability with Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth

Book Reviews / April-June 2016

Arzina Zaza

SudbrinkLeadingwithGritOverview of the Work

This book was very well written and it was extremely inspiring. From the time I picked up this book, I could not wait to keep reading and reviewing tips on how to continue to include GRIT into my life. This book is an excellent guide whether the reader is a first time reader on the subject or someone who is experienced in using GRIT in their life. The book is divided into 3 parts, …

4/28 – Paul G. Stoltz. Grit – The New Science of What It Takes To Persevere – Flourish – Succeed

Book Reviews / April-June 2016

Arzina Zaza

PaulStoltzGritOverview of the Work

According to Dr. Stoltz, this book was written to help its readers understand what grit means, how to use grit and learn how to incorporate grit into their lives.

The book first started with an introduction called Nitty-Gritty where the author presented what Grit was and what it means to have Grit. In this section the author discussed the GRIT challenge and also reviewed why it is important to have Grit if you want …

3/7 – Vladimir Ern’s Philosophy of Eros and Logos (Excerpts from Ern’s Struggle for Logos)

Book Reviews / January-February 2016

Vladimir Ern

Translator’s note: Russian culture cannot be fully comprehended without rediscovering its sacred roots in the form of sophisticated and advanced Integral philosophical systems, often known as Russian religious or spiritual philosophies.

What follows are some striking excerpts from Vladimir Ern (1882–1917), a noteworthy Russian philosopher and passionate defender of Eros and Logos who is relatively unknown in the West. His thoughts on both Eros and Logos synchronize with Ken Wilber’s Integral philosophy in many ways, especially as regards …

1/18 – Cultural Landscape: An Integral Perspective

Book Reviews / January-February 2016

Milana Vladimirovna Ragulina. Cultural Landscape: An Integral Perspective. (In Russian: Kul’turniy landshaft: integral’niy vzglyad). Ulyanovsk: Zebra, 2015. The book is available for free in Russian at

Eugene Pustoshkin and Alexander Malakhov

Milana Ragulina. Kultirny landshaft - Cultural Landscape An Integral Perspective

Milana Vladimirovna Ragulina, PhD in Geographical Sciences, Doktor Geographicheskikh Nauk; leading research scientist at the Laboratory of Resource Management and Political Geography of the V. B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB of Russian Academy of Sciences (Irkutsk, Russia).


This book is concerned with an …

8/19 – Robin Lincoln Wood. The Trouble with Paradise: A Humorous Enquiry into the Puzzling Human Condition in the 21st Century

Book Reviews / August-November 2015

Robin Lincoln Wood. The Trouble with Paradise: A Humorous Enquiry into the Puzzling Human Condition in the 21st Century, Foreword by Ken Wilber. Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, 2014.

Russ Volckmann


I met Robin Wood about a decade ago. He was in San Francisco to explore and promote his work in Europe, Renaissance 2, an integrally informed conferencing and networking effort that has touched the lives of many. I must admit that I have not tracked these activities very closely. …

8/19 – Otto Laske, Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders

Book Reviews / August-November 2015

Reflections on Otto Laske, Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders: A Primer

Otto Laske, Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders: A Primer. Tucson: Integral Publishers, 2015.

Russ Volckmann


Full disclosure: I am the publisher of Otto Laske’s newest book, Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders: A Primer. As such I must acknowledge that I am part of a for profit company that seeks to bring integral/transdisciplinary voices into the public dialogue ( Otto’s is such a work and one I believe all

6/16 – Paul Gibbs. Transdisciplinary professional learning and practice.

Book Reviews / April - June 2015

Gibbs, P. (Ed.). (2015). Transdisciplinary professional learning and practice. New York, NY: Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-11589-4; eBook ISBN 978-3-319-11590-0

Sue L. T. McGregor

Transcisciplinary professional learning and practiceThis review profiles a recent edited collection about transdisciplinary professional learning and practice. It contains invited contributions, coordinated and edited by Dr. Paul Gibbs (Middlesex University in England). Although I wrote the first chapter, titled Transdisciplinary Knowledge Creation, I think I can share an objective review of the book.

This 200-page book contains an Introduction by the Editor …

4/7 – Basarab Nicolescu. From modernity to cosmodernity: Science, culture, and spirituality.

Book Reviews / April - June 2015

Basarab Nicolescu. (2014). From modernity to cosmodernity: Science, culture, and spirituality. Albany, NY: SUNY Press. ISBN 978-1-4384-4963-0 or Kindle version.

Sue L T. McGregor

From Modernity to Cosmodernity

I am very familiar with Basarab Nicolescu’s formulation of transdisciplinarity, having been a keen student of his approach for over a decade. I have a deep respect for the brilliance and the quantum nuances of his approach. And I was not disappointed; this is a profound and groundbreaking book. I did take a conceptual detour before …