3000th Subscriber to Integral Leadership Review

Announcements / June 2010

Freddie Northern
3000th Subscriber to Integral Leadership Review

We don’t know much about Freddie (other than his amazing good taste in reading material), but here he is, Freddie Northern, the 3000th subscriber to Integral Leadership Review.

Thank you, Freddie!

Our way of saying thanks was to send him this special edition Integral Leadership Review mug. Makes us wonder if others might be interested in getting one of these.

In the meanwhile, subscriptions continue to climb. Seventy more have been added since Freddie subscribed. We wish we could send each and every one of you a mug. We can send you our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for helping us build a publication that is embracing an ever widening audience and an ever growing number of contributors. You are so important to making Integral Leadership Review a work of growing value in the world.

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