Leadership Quote: Pulin K. Garg

Leadership Quote / January 2011

“The nature of system is certainty; the nature of structure is security; the nature of beauty is order. These define the ‘oughts’ of a good society. When the ‘oughts’ become ‘musts’, they become tools of oppression and unleash great sorrow. When that sad day arrives, the way to regenerate the society is not to defy or to deny but to define; not to resist or to desist but to persist.”~ Pulin K. Garg

Editor’s Note: The above quote comes from one of the most famous dialogues on Governance and Leadership in the Indian lore. It is the advice given by Bhishma (the grand patriarch of the Mahabharata) to Yudhistra (The eldest of the Pandavas, the winners of the epic battle). Professor Pulin K. Garg who taught Organization Behaviour at the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), summarizes this dialogue in lectures at the Summer Programme (1988) of the Indian Society of Individual and Social Development.