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Integral Leadership Review was an independent publication by Russ Volckmann, PhD, in association with his executive coaching practice, from 2000 until 2009. At that time it became a publication of Integral Publishers, LLC, a publishing house formed by Russ Volckmann and the other members of the Management Review Board. Financing of ILR has been primarilyfrom gifts (Friends of the Integral Leadership Review), from sponsors and advertising. It has long been a commitment by the Management Review Board  to make the information available in ILR accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay, because they believe that this information is important for assisting all people find generative solutions to the problems we face in the world.

The real stars of this publication are the many people in many countries who are working at creating and learning integral approaches to change and development and who have shared without compensation their knowledge and experience with all of us. Thanks to them and to all of you who are subscribers. Your support in any form will help to make ILR more relevant and of value to people all over the world.

— Russ Volckmann, PhD

Friends of the Integral Leadership Review

We are grateful for the generous support of Friends of ILR. The individuals listed here have provided much-needed financial support of ILR. Please click here to learn more about supporting the ILR mission.

Strategic Partnerships

Integral Leadership Review has several strategic partnerships include those listed below. Please click here to read more about strategic partnerships.

Vision, Mission and History

The Integral Leadership Review’s vision is to make a substantive difference in creating self-sustaining and generative people, systems and earth through an integrative, developmental and transdisciplinary approach to leadership; and to serve as an integrating force among leaders, developers, theorists, students, consultants and coaches in all domains and cultures. Please click here to learn about our mission and our ten-year history.

Management Review Board

The Management Review Board oversees the strategic directions and operations of Integral Publishers and the Integral Leadership Review. The Editors of the Integral Leadership Review serve at their pleasure.

  • Eric Reynolds, PhD, Executive Editor
  • Natasha Mantler, PhD, MBA, Editor



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