Coda / June 2006

CODA, Resilience, Leadership and Coaching

Mike Jay, CPR for the Soul: Creating Personal Resilience by Design. Leadership University Press, 2006.

Mike JayIt is probably going to become increasingly difficult to keep up with the literature based at least in part on integral theory, even when we are just concerned with leadership and related topics. Mike Jay’s latest is another book that is informed by the work of Ken Wilber, as well as Clare Graves and the Spiral Dynamics folks and various developmental psychologists. Also building on the work of Steven Reiss, MD, and the work of explorers of resilience, Mike has presented the models underlying the approach to development and coaching that he has been evolving first in B\Coach Systems and now in Leadership University.

You should understand that I have had a relationship with Mike that has varied over the last six years. I have been his student and supporter for much of that time, but have – for the last year or two – spent very little time with him or his programs. Over the years I have spent hundred of hours on the telephone, socially and in person participating in his coach training programs and his advanced courses that served as vehicles for his teaching about the elements presented in this book. Thus, I think I am imminently qualified to present this book to you and challenged to do so while acknowledging the biases that I bring to the task.

These biases include respect for a man who has invested so much in building on a university education crafted around becoming a championship football quarterback, an enlisted man in the United States Marines and a consultant/coach in the world of business. Much of his knowledge of theory is self-taught, yet he has initiated conversations with many of the theorists he has studied. He has trained hundreds of coaches and people who sought to develop coaching skills. Beyond the U.S., he has been nurturing his programs in Russia and India while including participants in his virtual programs from various parts of Europe, Australia and Asia.

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